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War Crimes?! Biden Sends Large Military Convoy Into Syria On Day Two

Those familiar with Mr. Biden’s political career are not at all  surprised by his war and occupation foreign policy illustrated by his recent efforts invading Syria without support of the American people.   -JD

‘Regime Change Doesn’t Work!’

“…Biden used the full power of his position as chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to ensure the Senate approved George W. Bush’s lie-based war on Iraq. Biden prevented any experts who challenged the “Saddam has WMDs and he’s about to use them” narrative from being heard by Members of Congress, guaranteeing that only the pro-war narrative was heard.

As much as Bush or Cheney, Biden owns the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, which killed a million Iraqi civilians. And he may well be taking us back.”  Link To Source

War Crimes?! Biden Sends Large Military Convoy Into Syria On Day Two

January 22, 2021 | By Chris Menahan | Information Liberation | Source

‘Normalcy’ Returns: Biden Sends Large Military Convoy Into Syria On Day Two

“While National Guard troops were being kicked out of the Capitol on Thursday, Joe Biden was ordering US military troops into northeastern Syria from Iraq with the controlled media in America refusing to even report on it.

The move was only reported in the Israeli press and in Syrian state media.”

From i24NEWS:

A convoy of 40 trucks and armor vehicles said to have entered Syria from Iraq

A large US military convoy entered northeastern Syria on Thursday, Syrian state news agency SANA reports, citing sources on the ground.


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