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FAIL 2.0: Biden Brings Back Obama-Bush Foreign Policy

FAIL 2.0: Biden Brings Back Obama-Bush Foreign Policy



February 7, 2021  | by Chris Nagavonski | | Source

Biden’s Foreign Policy Will Be Obama-Bush Redux. Conservatives Have to Push Back.

“America’s foreign policy establishment just received a massive jolt of energy from the new Biden administration. Unlike his predecessor, who waged a bitter but largely ineffective campaign against America’s permanent bureaucracy, Biden’s statements and cabinet picks have sent a clear message. America is back – to a foreign policy dominated by the same Washington insiders who have enabled decades of bipartisan military adventurism and reckless nation-building.

As of now, Biden has no effective opponents. While the Trump presidency breathed new life into non-interventionist sentiments on the right, most Republicans still believe that fixing the world is America’s job. If conservatives want to restrain the Biden administration, they need to internalize two basic truths. First, America cannot successfully take on nations that pose a genuine threat without getting her own house in order. After all, the United States is losing its dominance on the world stage thanks to accelerating industrial and societal decline, as well as growing economic and military competition from China. Second, America should generally stay out of other nations’ affairs unless they directly affect the American people.

If Biden goes unopposed, nations that are on America’s bad side should expect the American foreign policy apparatus to continue lashing out at them. The new administration will likely move on Middle East policy first. Biden has opposedwithdrawing troops from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and he called Trump’s decision to pull out of Syria a “complete failure.” Just one day after his inauguration, a large American convoy re-entered the war-torn nation. The GOP is largely unwilling to push back; prominent Republicans like Lindsey Graham, Nikki Haley, and Marco Rubio essentially agree with Biden, and only a few committed non-interventionists such as Rand Paul supported the withdrawal in 2019.

And pointless it is. After decades of shifting objectives and failure to understand the region, There is simply nothing left for the United States to do. Overthrow Assad and potentially cause another Libya-style disaster? Not with Russia backing the Syrian regime to secure a foothold in the Mediterranean. Protect the Kurds? An ex post facto justification for our presence in Syria that fails to account for internal conflict between Kurdish groups, some of which profess Marxist ideology and attract far-left extremists from America. Protect the interests of Israel and Saudi Arabia, both of which see Assad as a threat? Not by sending American troops to get picked off an in endless low-intensity conflict.”

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