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National Campaign Needed to Halt Harmful to Health Mass-Jabbing for Covid

National Campaign Needed to Halt Harmful to Health Mass-Jabbing for Covid

February 25, 2021 | by Stephen Lendman | | Source

“WaPo editors called for “a national campaign to persuade those hesitant to” be jabbed for covid.

Polar opposite is urgently needed to halt growing numbers of adverse events and deaths from mass-jabbing.

No one should permit inadequately tested, fast-tracked to market, experimental DNA altering drugs to be taken as directed.

Pharma controlled FDA granting of emergency use authorization (EUA) for hazardous Pfizer and Moderna mRNA technology in December was a crime against humanity.

The same is true for Johnson & Johnson’s experimental covid vaccine — on the cusp of being granted EUA.

Because of daily major media propaganda — in cahoots with US and other Western dark forces and Pharma — millions of Americans and Europeans were deceived to believe what risks great harm to their health will protect it.

Reality is polar opposite. Countless thousands of people have been seriously harmed or died from doing what they were deceived to believe is the right thing.

If mass-jabbing for seasonal flu-renamed covid continues unchecked, a likely unprecedented human tragedy will occur.

Millions of people may be irreversibly harmed. Countless numbers may die.

WaPo and other major media are complicit in what may become the greatest ever high crime against humanity if nothing is done to challenge and stop what’s going on.”


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