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CORONA COUP China ‘carried out disinformation campaign to force world economy into lockdown’

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“CHINA may have carried out a massive disinformation campaign to encourage the world to go into lockdown, an American lawyer has extraordinarily claimed.

Michael Senger suggested the Communist Party promoted nationwide shutdowns in a bid to “cripple rival economies” amid the coronavirus pandemic.


China has been accused of attempting to spread disinformation on the virus
China has been accused of attempting to spread disinformation on the virusCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Senger however claims the Communist Party may have weaponised social media in an aggressive psy-op to spread hysteria to push for the lockdowns.

The campaign may have pushed nations into committing economic suicide.

He points to thousands of tweets which were encouraging world governments to try out the draconian rules first adopted by China.

Senger even alleges Prime Minister Boris Johnson was targeted by Chinese disinformation after he first suggested herd immunity rather than a lockdown.

The lawyer, from Atlanta, Georgia, laid out his theory in an article for Tablet Magazine titled “China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign”.

Writing on Twitter, he said: “By promoting fraudulent data, aggressively deploying disinformation, and flexing its institutional clout, Beijing transformed the snake oil of lockdowns into ‘science’, crippling rival economies, expanding its influence and sowing authoritarian values.”

He argued lockdowns “might not even be science it all” and claimed they are based on brutal policies used by Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

China has since appeared to recover from the virus outbreak, with even Wuhan returning to normal, while nations such as Britain face further restrictions.

In an appearance on Sky News Australia, Senger claimed it was a “domino effect” of country’s following China’s policy after Italy became the first nation to lockdown.

Senger said: “Is there something more sinister behind this? Was this actually planned so it would crash rival economies and spread authoritarian values?”

WHO described the lockdown of Wuhan as “unprecedented” in January, before actively encouraging other nations to follow China’s lead just one month later.


Michael Senger has accused of China of creating virus hysteria
Michael Senger has accused of China of creating virus hysteriaCredit: Sky News Australia
Senger claims the “smoking gun on the genesis of the coronavirus lockdown” is the fact Twitter removed tens of thousands of fake accounts promoting China’s message.

Twitter confirmed in June it had took down 23,750 accounts which were “highly engaged” in disinformation – and 150,000 which were engaged in amplification.

The social media giant confirmed the accounts were deleted as they were promoting China’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Tweets included videos of Chinese workers disinfecting streets – each of which were accompanied by suspiciously similar messages praising in China.

Senger writes much of this campaign was focused on bombarding Italy as it went into lockdown – sparking much of the rest of the world to follow.

He also brands videos began emerging from China earlier in the pandemic, including people collapsing in the street with scenes reminiscent of apocalypse movies as “fake”.

Speaking of Sky News Australia, Senger said: “The only purpose behind these is to spread fear. To show this virus is really, really scary.””

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