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Norwegians file complaint at The Hague for crimes against humanity

March 15, 2021 | Norwegians file complaint at The Hague for crimes against humanity |–UdD4oJpWK/view

This document is a very valuable compilation of facts, dates, statistics and links to evidentiary documents and videos   New Covid 19 Code Prove false pandemic_Final


“Group of researchers files suit against Norwegian government for crimes against humanity at The Hague Tribunal”
“As I wrote about two days ago, the battle is now being waged on just about every front regarding the indictment of local governments and those responsible for the pathetic and criminal “management” of the coronavirus crisis. Recently, I reported on the appeals to the Hague Tribunal and the Israeli Supreme Court for violations of the Nuremberg Code and crimes against humanity by the two Israeli lawyers Ruth Machnes Suchovolsky and Arie Suchowolsky of A. Suchovolsky & Co. A similar complaint has been filed with the International Criminal Court by Italian magistrate Angelo Giorgianni for “crimes against humanity”.
An international coalition is being formed with the same objectives. I recently learned that Switzerland will soon join this group. Of course, lawyers Larry Klayman and Francis Boyle are directly involved in these legal proceedings (read here).
But here is more good news from Norway: a group of researchers calling themselves “WHO Guards. The Guardians” is currently taking legal action against the corona policy. Indeed, the Norwegian government is being sued for crimes against humanity. A report about this has been sent to the police station in Ålesund. A copy of this report was also sent to the International Criminal Court and published on the Internet. The 3-page police report was accompanied by a 53-page research report from Norway.
I contacted the main signatory of the complaint, Kenneth Otterlei. He wrote to me: ‘The police report in Ålesund is active, confirmed by telephone at high priority. It has been given to the Police Security Service (PST). I have sent the report to all organisations, as well as to Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. This report can be used internationally. “Mr Otterlei continues: “Everyone has to fill in an individual police report. The police must act now before it is too late. They all have loved ones they want to protect. The senior officials are all corrupt. Intelligence also suggests that every sector and court in the world is corrupt. This is a long term plan over 60+ years. They have placed “Gate Keepers” everywhere. People have to stand up, the police and the army. It’s so bad in the world actually. The normal rule of law doesn’t work. “
    “Covid-19 – A predicted pandemic and a crime against humanity” – In the name of fallen brothers, honour is finally restored
The report sent to Ålesund police station
Police report 19/03/2021
The main review applies to all those mentioned here in the document with the organisations and persons directly responsible for them: Erna Solberg and Bent Høye.
The whole government as well as the whole Storting and FHI, CEPI, WHO, GPMB and other organisations associated with these organisations as well as the co-responsible parties mentioned in the review below, except for Nuremberg. The notification will also be sent with the same wording to Nuremberg and The Hague.
Copies are being sent for public reading and sent to important organisations, all municipalities, doctors, infection control doctors, lawyers’ associations and human rights organisations. It will be spread on every social network imaginable and in the world press. You can’t look back and say … I didn’t know.
Recalls that the Nuremberg Trials have been launched in several other countries on the basis of similar evidence and that the process is currently approved and active by the Nuremberg Tribunal. Also recalls the following, that the Nuremberg Laws now have an important addition for those receiving this review.
Quote, “I only followed the orders is no longer valid”
Nuremberg Guidelines 1947
Thus, the person receiving this examination is not protected by his superiors and is obliged to intervene and report his knowledge independently. I need feedback on the assessment received as soon as possible.
    Proven with own data / documents and figures from NIPH that are clearly participating in a planned fake pandemic at international level. (See attached document).
    Participates in an internationally planned fake pandemic. (See attached document)
    Violation of international law and human rights
    Violation of the European Commission’s definition of human rights through coercive rules
    Violation of the Nuremberg and Hague rules on fundamental human rights
    Violation of the Norwegian constitution on several points
The above is also noted.
Change of definition of pandemic to cause lockdown.
Side note: ask yourself, where did the flu season go? The key word is changing the numerical code with another name. Thus PHASE OUT of the influenza record “Lighthouse”. Since the change to the introduction of Covid-19 in the numbers.
See in particular chapters 6-7 of the attached document where the above mentioned figures are stated and clearly proven in their own words (It is important to secure evidence quickly, as they are constantly manipulating and changing their own documentation).
Additional human rights violations :
Side note: compulsory vaccination, compulsory health exercise, police and military force and abuse of these illegal bodies for Lock Down. Plans to coercively introduce vaccination passports, vaccination, as freedom of movement and employment are limited and strong without vaccination and vaccination. Is this voluntary?
Refers to statements by the pharmaceutical industry in the media. This is part of the examination and violation of human rights. This is an active attempt to discriminate, to restrict movement and freedom to which every person is entitled. This again for a false pandemic behaviour, as well as a forced vaccination with a dangerous vaccine. Medical dictatorship?
National offences
Penal Code, Chapter 17
Our government violates several laws of “Chapter 17 of the Penal Code”. Surrender of sovereignty to a foreign power as an end goal. (Treason).
The attached document proves this with STRENGTH and solidity. Powerful foreign organisations such as the UN-EU-WHO and the WEF are clearly among the driving forces behind this. It is our Storting and our government as well as FHI, CEPI widely involved and obviously familiar with. Refers to the document. Other paragraphs not mentioned, possible other violations of international law, human rights recorded by reading a document by a police lawyer, should automatically be added as charges.
The degree of seriousness indicates in my opinion and upon examination of this material I have sent you, dictates the level of Nuremberg and the Supreme Court. The police and military are urged to act immediately, to obtain evidence and arrest people who are clearly hostile to the exercise of power, and to save lives! This has major consequences for sovereignty and public health as well as ruining the country’s economy, based on a proven false pandemic and lockdown. (See main document)
A bit about the evidence:
The evidence is strong and comes mainly from official sources such as FHI and WHO who prove a planned fake pandemic with their own figures, as well as publications on their own pages. (Sources). The context makes the evidence strong on their own sources and materials. At the same time it proves their involvement and planning in a holistic way with all the above mentioned actors.
Chapter 17 of the Penal Code Protection of Norwegian independence and other fundamental national interests.
§111. Violation of the independence and peace of Norway
Imprisonment for up to 15 years is punishable by anyone who, by the use of force, threats or in any other unlawful manner, endangers Norway or a part of Norway.
a) is incorporated into another state, b) becomes subject to the rule of a foreign state, c) or of a state with which Norway is allied or in combat, is subject to war or hostilities, d) is subject to substantial restrictions on his or her right to self-determination, or e) is detached.
§112. Serious violation of the independence and peace of Norway
A serious violation of the independence and peace of Norway is punishable by imprisonment for up to 21 years. In deciding whether the violation is serious, particular emphasis must be placed on whether
a) it has had particularly serious effects on Norway, b) it has been carried out by organised armed action, taking advantage of fears of intervention by a foreign state, or threatening to do so, c) the perpetrator is a member of the government, the Storting or the Supreme Court or belongs to the country’s supreme civil or military leadership, d) the act has resulted in loss of life or danger to life.
It is declared added in the review.
Note: Mental health impact: a suicide occurred during a false pandemic and caused a lockdown.
§113. Violation of the Norwegian constitution
Anyone who, by the use of force, threats or in any other unlawful manner, risks having the Norwegian constitution amended, is liable to imprisonment for up to 15 years.
§114. Gross violation of the Norwegian constitution
A serious violation of the Norwegian state constitution is punishable by imprisonment for up to 21 years. In deciding whether the violation is serious, particular emphasis must be placed on the points mentioned in § 112 letters a-d.
Finally, following a proven false pandemic, which causes and has led to suicide, medical deaths due to the Astra Zenika vaccine (blood clot). Refers to recent articles in the media. Claimed the following paragraph broken. All of the above in the review of documents, people and organisations, and management of organisations are reviewed for the section Subordinate Act:
Citation Act:
Deliberate murder according to Penal Code § 233 second paragraph is punishable by 21 years imprisonment.
When I received this document and now with a much more serious update, which I have read, I have no alternative but to pass it on and report it.
My motivation for the revision is to save the lives and health of those most affected by this story. (Children) Also due to the fact that everyone is afraid or afraid of being humiliated, I do not take for granted that the review is submitted by others. Therefore, I feel compelled to take this step, despite a huge personal risk, because it is my duty and the duty of others to save lives. Hence the submitted review.
Encouragement to everyone in Norway. Submit the police report independently based on this evidence in the submitted document. Now it is up to each of you, that you dare to take the lead and take responsibility and submit the review yourself. This is especially true for you, civil servants. Think carefully about who you really serve, namely the people! And what the consequences will be for their loved ones from now on! Turn back in time!
Finally. “Take care of your flock”
With my best regards
Kenneth Otterlei