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Esteemed cardiologist issues warning on Covid Vaccine



Dr. Richard Fleming calling for the immediate cessation of the vaccination of American individuals with these vaccines and 1. immediate reevaluation of whether there is any demonstrated efficacy, because there’s not, and 2. what are the potential consequences of having already vaccinated a substantial number of individuals in this country, and 3. a full review not only of this data but of the people that were involved in the gain of function research and the promulgation of these vaccines. Additionally calls for end to mandatory vaccination of students.


Esteemed cardiologist issues warning on Covid Vaccine | April 14, 2021 | by Kane Bannon War Room| Citizen Free Press | Source

Dr. Richard Fleming says the vaccine companies own data, from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, all show they make zero difference in stopping covid. The Emergency Use Authorization data “shows there is no difference.””

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“Dr. Richard Fleming, physicist-nuclear cardiologist, issued a warning that experimental covid vaccines are not effective, but could cause Mad Cow disease.


“In the animal model, they develop spongiform and Mad Cow disease,” Fleming said. “We also know 2 weeks afterwards they develop…what causes Alzheimer’s and neurological disorders.”


Fleming warned the effects could take a year and half to show in humans.


Fleming, who in the 1990s discovered inflammation causes cardiovascular disease, said man-made spike proteins in the vaccines also cause inflammation. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was pulled for its link to blood clots in women.


The vaccines have “no statistically significant benefit,” Fleming said, but cause “inflammation and blood clotting, Lewy bodies [associated with dementia], Mad Cow disease, and nothing to benefit.”


SOURCE — Bannon War Room


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