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Bill does not go far enough, but is a step in the right direction.

April 22, 2021 | INDIANA HAS A BAN ON VACCINE PASSPORTS! | National Health Freedom  | Hoosiers for Medical Liberty | Source

“The relentless calls and emails from the members and followers of Hoosiers for Medical Liberty FORCED the Indiana State Legislature to include language to prohibit the state or local government from issuing a vaccine passport program. We are so grateful for the efforts of all those calling on behalf of Medical Liberty!

Throughout the legislative season your persistent voice was undeniable. You have worked so hard and it shows. From our start with SB74 all the way through multiple amendments late in session you continued to persevere with calls to various legislators. They knew you were not going to cease until they took action. You must acknowledge that YOU were the key to this success through calls, emails, and in person meetings. Please take pride in this feat because the legislature truly did not want to do this!

It was interesting to watch as this all unfolded over the last two weeks. As you remember we had a couple amendments that courageous House Representative Curt Nisly and House Representative John Jacob worked to bring forward. Because of their actions the House was forced to go on record about Medical Liberty. As the amendments failed and others were prevented from seeing the light of day YOU continued to shine light on the intensity of the issue. As a result, the house tripped all over themselves to try to save face on the issue of medical liberty by adding policy to HB1405 in conference committee.
However, the last-minute effort by leadership to cover their backsides resulted in a weak policy.


Some of you have already noticed a couple different flaws. This language only prevents the state and local government from instituting a passport program. It does not provide protections to ensure that you can get your groceries, attend gatherings, recreational events, or access different means of transportation without showing proof of vaccination. To say they fell short is an understatement. The bill also left out protections against invasive testing. Due to this negligence, the local and state government along with the public sector can still require you to show proof of invasive testing.

They have made a grave mistake in thinking that these mere breadcrumbs will satiate our ravenous appetite for the Medical Liberty we are guaranteed! Hoosiers, we CAN and WILL do better. They may think that we are packing up and going home, but we just getting started. WE WILL not settle for anything less than high quality and principled medical liberty legislation.
Inclosing, I just want to thank you again. Thank you for standing together, your voices joined together and made this happen. I am inspired by your hard work and Hoosiers for Medical Liberty will not rest until our rights are secured!”

Thank you,
Ashley Grogg RN-MSN
Hoosiers for Medical Liberty

P.S. you can still sign the petition for immunity passport purge by clicking petitions above!

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