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On May 1, Let’s All Tear Off Our Masks




On May 1, Let’s All Tear Off Our Masks | April 4, 2021 | By Phil Manger | American Thinker | Source


“One hundred days.

That’s what President Biden asked for before he was inaugurated – 100 days of masking. That was the linchpin of his plan to end the coronavirus pandemic. It was in his executive order requiring people to wear masks when they are on U.S. Government property, including national parks and forests, even when there are no other people around for miles. Just give him that 100 days and everything will be fine.

Well, April 30 is the 100th day. On May 1, we can take off our masks for good.

Well, maybe. But probably not. In fact, Biden has said as much.

By now we should know that the goalposts won’t be where they were when we began this latest touchdown drive. They never are. It seems to be an inviolable law of nature that when the government imposes restrictions to deal with a temporary crisis, those restrictions hang around long after the crisis has passed.

Some of you older folks may remember the national 55 miles per hour speed limit on the interstate highways. President Nixon signed it into law in January 1974 to reduce fuel consumption during the Arab oil embargo of October 1973. The embargo ended in March 1974, but the law hung around for another generation, only the excuse became “highway safety” – which as studies found, the law did nothing to improve.

Or more recently, remember “two weeks to flatten the curve”? Two weeks in national lockdown to avoid overwhelming the hospitals with Covid-19 cases. Two weeks that turned into a month, then two, three, four months, and more. The hospitals were never overwhelmed – in fact, they were laying off healthcare workers – but state governors continued the lockdowns, only now the excuse was to “slow the spread.” Except that in states that didn’t lock down, coronavirus didn’t spread any faster than in states that did.

And then there are the mask mandates. These, too, are supposed to be temporary. “Until we have a vaccine,” they said. Well, now we have, not one, but three vaccines. So, what are they saying now that people are getting vaccinated? That we’ll have to keep wearing, not one, but two masks – well into 2022, according to Dr. Fauci, even if you’ve had all the vaccinations. Why? “Variant strains,” says Dr. Fauci, except the vaccines so far have been effective against them, too.

There is no science – no real science – behind the mask mandates. The Centers for Disease Control inadvertently revealed the lack of scientific support for wearing masks to avoid contracting Covid-19 in their weekly morbidity and mortality report for September 11 last year. One of the statistics reported was that 85 percent of their sample of 153 symptomatic Covid patients reported wearing masks “always” or “often.”

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