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Stop the Multi-Trillion Dollar Biden “Infrastructure” Scam!



April 13, 2021 | Dr. Ron Paul | Campaign for LibertyStop the Multi-Trillion Dollar Biden “Infrastructure” Scam! | Link to Sign Your Petition

The Next Scam

“As if all the giveaways to unions in this so-called “infrastructure deal” wasn’t bad enough, many elements of “The Green New Deal” boondoggle are also rearing their ugly head in this bill, including:

>>Forcing states and utilities to phase out fossil fuels even after we witnessed massive and extended power outages in Texas this year because of over-reliance on wind and solar power.

>>”Re-engineering” our nationwide power grid to banish fossil fuels by 2035, even though they currently make up 50% of our electricity generation.

>>Paying out $40 billion to a Dislocated Workers Program and $10 billion “Civilian Climate Corps” when the policy costs tens of thousands of jobs — just like the shutdown of the Keystone XL Pipeline did.

>>$213 Billion to tear down, rebuild, or retrofit existing buildings and dwellings.

>>An additional $40 Billion in spending on public housing for things like energy efficient lightbulbs.


When “The Green New Deal” was first introduced, it was instantly an embarrassing failure, but that’s not stopping the statists from ramming some of the most destructive parts of it through with this new infrastructure bill.

We can’t afford any of this and it will all but guarantee long term economic ruin for our country.

Sign the petition to your U.S. Senators and Representative to demand they stop this now!

The Biden administration knows “The Great Reset” and the “Green New Deal” are non-starters so they’re repackaging them and attempting to buy off their opposition with $Billions in giveaways.

I urge you to contact Congress today and tell them you see through this attempt to mortgage your future and your freedoms in the process, so they must oppose it immediately.”

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. The political class has already spent $5 Trillion of our money after mandating that the economy shut down. Now they’ll stop at nothing to keep their endless scam going by calling it “infrastructure.”

Sign the petition to stop this madness!

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