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Big News! Florida Passes Parents’ Bill of Rights



“We have a law now, and it specifically says parental rights are ‘fundamental.’”

| April 28, 2021 | Big News! Florida Passes Parents’ Bill of Rights  | | Source


“In our largest 2021 parental rights victory to date, the Florida legislature passed House Bill 241, the Parents’ Bill of Rights, on Thursday, April 22.

The measure passed the House by a vote of 78 to 37 on April 1, while a bill with the same content, S.B. 582, worked its way through the Senate. Each bill was amended along the way, so though they both protected parental rights, they did not match last week and would have to be reconciled.

So on Thursday, when S.B. 582 was up for third reading (final vote) in the Senate, sponsor Sen. Rodrigues replaced his bill with H.B. 241. That way, a favorable vote would adopt the exact same bill as the House adopted, eliminating the need to reconcile two different versions.

The Senate voted in favor by a 24 to 15 margin.

Now the bill only needs the governor’s signature, which is expected at any time. Then it will be the law in Florida.”


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