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Indiana’s St. Joseph County Passes Resolution Against Vaccine Passports



May 6, 2021 | Indiana’s St. Joseph County Passes Resolution Against Vaccine Passports |  Stand For Health Freedom | Source 

“This week, in an amazing move for a local entity, Indiana’s St. Joseph County Commissioners voted 3-0 to pass a resolution against vaccine passports. The document is a win for health freedom in Indiana and hopefully will be shared throughout the state and country.

“I don’t have better words,” said 95.3 MNC radio host Casey Hendrickson after reading the entire resolution on the air. “This is what happens when your government sticks up for you.” You can read more about what prompted local citizens to get involved in prompting the resolution here: Indiana County Takes National Lead In Pushing Against Vaccine Passports (

A resolution is essentially a policy statement. It is non-binding, but it sets an important tone for a community and ignites discussion. A conversation about the dangers of vaccine passports is one that we need to be having everywhere. Highlights of the resolution include:

  • No vaccine should be mandated or required by law.
  • People have the right to refuse vaccination based on religious, medical or personal reasons.
  • Every medical intervention requires informed consent and the right to refusal.
  • Vaccine status should not be required by government or businesses operating places of public accommodation.
  • Vaccine passports will unduly restrict the freedom of Americans.
  • Passports harm patient privacy.
  • They will have a negative financial impact on individuals of color and other marginalized communities.
  • They will create a two-tiered society where some people have rights and others lose their freedoms.
  • Passports could be manipulated to restrict other freedoms like free speech or religious worship.

You can read the complete resolution on Scribd.

Local citizens can make a difference in fighting back against the lockdown mentality and coronavirus restrictions that have overtaken the nation. Now is the time to get involved — before we progress any further along this treacherous path. Consider sharing this resolution with your local government, whether it’s your mayor, your legislative body or your commissioners. Find the party most willing to listen and get this resolution passed where you live. County by county, we the people can start taking back the state in which we live! 

Learn more about the dangers of passports and take a stand against them.”


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