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Alabama: Civil suit filed in US District Court against Fauci, Sect. Becerra et al for fraud




Alabama: Civil suit filed in US District Court against Fauci, Sect. Becerra et al for fraud

“The Vaccine EUAs are unlawful on multiple different grounds and must be terminated immediately. First, the Emergency Declaration upon which they are all based was unjustified. As Plaintiffs allege in detail and will show at trial with expert medical and scientific evidence, including the Defendants’ own data and studies, there is not now, and there never has been, a bona fide “public health emergency” due to the SARS-Cov-2 virus or the disease COVID-19. Virtually all of the PCR tests were calibrated to produce false positive results, which has enabled the Defendants and their counterparts in state governments to publish daily reports containing seriously inflated COVID-19 “case” and “death” counts that grossly exaggerate the public health threat.” p.5


June 10, 2021 | Case 2:21-cv-00702-CLM | Link To: 20210610 #10 Complaint


A civil suit has been filed against Fauci, Sect. Secerra et al in the U.S. District Court, Northern Alabama, by Atty. Larry Becraft. The complaint asserts FRAUD


  • misuse of powers under a declaration of a public health emergency to distribute untested medicine
  • fraudulent use of testing with polymerase chain reaction (PCR) as a diagnostic tool
  • undisclosed conflicts of interests
  • inappropriate sharing of billions of dollars from the patents
  • treating a mild flu-like illness with an experimental biological agent (EBA) threatening much greater damage that the original illness so that 99% of all vaccine deaths in the first three months of the EBA rollout are caused by this one agent
  • the danger of the illness was purposely exaggerated by adopting ad-hoc statistical methods
  • Since an experimental agent and the emergency require that there be no alternative treatment, readily available alternatives like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin had to be suppressed or hidden



Link To: 20210610 #10 Complaint