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U.S. Congress Financing Israel’s Expensive Techno-centric War



U.S. Congress Financing Israel’s Expensive Techno-centric War.

Is reliance on such a failed strategy a viable solution to ending this conflict?



June 2, 2021 |  | Breaking Defense

Israeli Defense Minister To Ask US For $1B For Iron Dome Missiles

“TEL AVIV: Having depleted much of its stockpiles in the Gaza strikes, Israel is asking the U.S for an emergency $1 billion grant to replenish its stock of the Iron Dome rocket interceptor and some “special air launched weapon systems”, mainly JDAMS.

The Israeli air force used a large number of JDAMS in the part of the operation designed to destroy Hamas’ so-called “Metro City” —  a large network of tunnels in Gaza.

Israeli sources told BD that a special grant of $200 million has already been approved by the U.S. and the additional funds will be discussed during Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s flying visit to Washington. “The meeting between the two defense ministers will deal mainly by increasing and upgrading the Israeli arsenal of air launched weapon systems,” an Israeli defense source said today.

IDF photo

Iron Dome fires CREDIT: IDF


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