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A Maryland Nurse’s Report From Ground Zero

July 27, 2021 | | Source

Vaccine injuries, deaths; patients suffering from the experimental treatment, no protocols to help them. 


A Maryland Nurse’s Report From Ground Zero

“I’m a registered nurse, BSN, case manager in Baltimore.

My grass roots, boots on the ground report is that there’s a lot of patients being injured.

I’ve never seen anything like this. Since January, I’ve experienced personally six deaths

and I’ve lost count of the injuries. And we’re not talking about typical adverse events like

fevers, chills, sore muscles. I’m talking about things like urinating clots of blood, paresthesias,

Gastroparesis,  altered mental status, respiratory arrest, cardiac arrest, new onset seizures, new onset

diabetes. I have patients who can’t walk anymore, patients who keep complaining that their feet and

their hands are burning, they forget where they are, I’ve just never seen anything like this in all my years

of practicing medicine.

What I’m seeing now as time goes on, is patients who were given the shot months ago that are now

showing up in the hospital with equally strange and confusing events. Practitioners see this, their

dissonance  just flows and they either ignore it or literally don’t know what to do with it.

Every health care professional working with patients across this country has to see what’s going on.

What else do I see on the ground? A lot of great suffering that isn’t getting met with good care

because we have no idea what to do with these patients who have been injured by frankly,

an experimental treatment, and there’s no protocols to treat them, there’s no information how to help

them and even breaking through the cognitive dissonance of physicians to accept, this patient has

been vaccine injured, is a chasm, it’s a huge chasm.”