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Can we talk about the weather?



Can we talk about the weather?

July 10, 2021 | Weather Modification & Geoengineering Causing Weather Extremes and Environmental Destruction |


It used to be that if one wanted to have a nice, non-controversial conversation, you could just talk about the weather…


However these days, catastrophic weather extremes[1] have become all too common, and where it was once so easy to exchange pleasantries about the day’s weather, now it seems less simple to discuss consequences of engineered, man-made, artificial weather.[2]


Patent US 20140145002A1

System for facilitating cloud formation and cloud precipitation




What are the human health costs and environmental impacts of unregulated cloud-seeding aerosol release and Radiofrequency Microwave Radiation (RF/MWR) transmissions, on a massive scale?




Current and future EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Networks

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Weather management using space-based power system

Weather Management Using Space-Based power System. Source[3]


PG&E_Solaren_Will Space-Based Solar Power Finally See the Light of Day? – Scientific American




2013 David Keith – The Late Show with Steven Colbert

You could actually spray sulfuric acid..




Some like to blame the weather on mother nature or marketing slogans, without addressing history[4], current[5]programs[6] and[7] results[8] of over 75 years[9] of man made weather[10].

Decades[11] have passed without the regulation[12] of intentional[13] human intervention[14] in Earth’s weather and climate systems via weather modification[15], cloud-seeding[16], and geoengineering[17].

Substantial[18] budgets[19] finance[20] so-called “research”[21] of deliberately[22] contaminating[23] the atmosphere[24] with toxic[25] pollutants[26] to change and interfere[27] with the weather, but little has been done to challenge and prohibit activities[28] such as these.

Regulations[29] are essential to protect human health and all life on Earth from reckless[30] experimentation[31]that is indistinguishable[32] from environmental[33] warfare[34][35][36].













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