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Support H.B. 3860: No Mandatory Covid Vaxx for our MILITARY or ANYONE



Support H.B. 3860: No Mandatory Covid Vaxx for our MILITARY or ANYONE

Please support our brave men and women and every American to make their own health decisions.  Sign the petition now.




July 8, 2021 |  Ron Paul  |  Campaign For Liberty  |  SIGN Petition

“Those who value liberty have had enough of the vaccination propaganda and coercion.

Unfortunately, the Department of Defense didn’t get the memo and is now issuing internal communications to prepare military personnel for mandatory COVID vaccinations as early as September 1 of this year:

“Commanders will continue COVID-19 vaccination operations and prepare for a directive to mandate COVID-19 vaccination for service members [on or around] 01 September 2021, pending full FDA licensure,” the order said. “Commands will be prepared to provide a backbrief on servicemember vaccination status and way ahead for completion once the vaccine is mandated.”

Servicemembers are already threatening to quit over this proposal, which has prompted Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) to introduce H.R. 3860, which will ban this requirement for any member of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Any American who wants to take the COVID jab is free to do so. But those who choose not to, for whatever reason, should not be forced to do so.

Denying any citizen the right to choose what medicine to shoot into their own body is a gross violation of their constitutionally protected rights.

Our military service members sign up to defend those rights, and volunteering to serve should not require them to forfeit control over their own medical decisions!

It is critical you and I hold the line on this issue NOW.

I urge you to sign the petition to demand your U.S. Senators and Representative support H.B. 3860 and any other bills to ban mandatory COVID vaccinations!”

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

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