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Covid-19 is a manufactured crisis predicated on medical fraud



C0v!d-19 is a manufactured crisis predicated on medical fraud

Exposure of Covid-19 Medical Fraud Must Also Direct Vaccine Mandate & Passport Fight, Criminal Act

September 8, 2021 | Guest Post By Rose | Unite4Truth |

“Unite4Truth summary compilation of documentation and context of implications of this data and evidence. Reference source and compilation to share with those ready for objective review of fact.

Note – important review of Mononclonal Antibody Treatments at end of post.

The Story:

Covid-19 is a manufactured crisis predicated on medical fraud.

This is the central truth which is getting lost in efforts to push back against harmful and unnecessary mandates are based on FRAUD.

Government public health officials, policy makers, and media have enacted a 24/7 disinformation campaign which has disseminated false information to the public. There can be no choice or informed consent on the premise of a lie.

The Documentation:

A simple review of the history of Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ reveals the drugs were developed under military agencies with military funding. The entirety of the program has been coached in military language (operation warp speed), with initial testing enacted by military in nursing homes. The military has been engaged in vaccine distribution and guarding of vaccine facilities. Military propaganda tactics have been deployed to censor and silence legitimate criticism and debate. The goal of vaccination has not been to protect individual or public health. The entire Covid-19 manufactured crisis and vaccine drive is a means to an end.

Companion blog:

Pfizer /Moderna Military Funding For Vaccines, Decade of Headlines In Lead Up to Covid-19 Vaccines

It is not enough for health care professionals and citizens to treat Covid-19 dictates as simply as a ‘difference of opinion’ or frame this fight solely around retaining medical autonomy.

The ‘My body….my choice’….slogan misses the mark. There is no real choice in this framework, as the public has not been presented with accurate information on ANY aspect of the Covid-19 policies and narrative.

How Information is Controlled:

The Gate Keepers: Controlled Opposition


Noam Chomsky, Academic gatekeeper:

Unvaccinated “dangerous: to community despite ‘vaccines’ not stopping transmission of disease, and, thus, useless as a public health intervention and containment measure.

‘Independent’ and MSM alike, Pushing Covid-19 Fallacies Debunked by Government Public Health Organization, Vaccine Trial, and Test Manufacturer Data:


Covid-19 is a disease of attribution to other causes.

Nearly half of all Covid-19 attributed mortalities were nothing more than pneumonia or influenza false attributed to Covid through use of severely flawed testing methods unsuitable for diagnosis of Sars CoV2. The flu did NOT disappear, the flu was hijacked to create false cases of Covid-19 to perpetuate cases for the purpose of enacting government mandates and vaccine directives:

CDC chart: Co-Morbidity with Covid-19 Attributed Deaths

95% of individuals with attributed Covid-19 mortality have 4 or more coexisting serious co-morbidities.

“For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 4.0 additional conditions or causes per death”.

The criteria for Covid-19 morbidity attribution is a positive test (unsuitable for detection of the virus, see below and/or symptoms which mirror hundreds of other illnesses. This is unscientific, fraudulent attribution standard which allows deaths to placed under the label of Covid-19 which are not caused by Sars CoV2 infection, by deliberate design of the attribution standard. The attribution standard constitutes medical fraud on the part of the CDC and WHO. Full documentation of CDC attribution standards for Covid-19 mortality, hospitalization, and inspection, please refer HERE:

Government Data Destroys Public Official Covid Claims, Covid-19 Deaths, Cases, Hospitalization


The Tests Do Not Work: Documented By Public Health Organization/Test Manufacturer Data:


Documentation for Severe Testing Flaws in Companion Blogs with source links:

All Covid-19 Vaccine Trial And Research Data Fatally Compromised Through Severely Flawed Testing

CDC: PCR Covid-19 ‘Gold Standard’ Test to Be Discontinued, Replaced With Equally Flawed Testing

Stop Forced Covid-19 Antigen Testing in Schools, States Going AGAINST FDA Recommendations STRATEGY

The tests are non-specific, created without virus isolate of Sars CoV2 (virus attributed to cause Covid-19 symptoms). The central test for detection for Sars CoV2 has been deemed useless for the detection of the virus, thus rendering all case data, morbidity rates, hospitalizations, and research studies utilizing the test for diagnosis and end point outcomes measurements, null and void.

The tests do NOT work. They are set to levels which produce false positives by default of the test cycle threshold setting. Anything over 24 has been shown to pick up nothing more than dead, non infectious material and this was admitted by Drostan, one of the authors of the science paper on which the testing is based. All current RT PCR tests are set at levels above 24 (28 for vaccinated – up to 40 for unvaccinated – another fraud instituted by the CDC to drive higher false positive rates among the unvaccinated to provide more false evidence for completely unnecessary ‘vaccines’).

RT PCR tests should never have been used from the start, they are a research and not a diagnostic tool. The inventor of the PCR test warned of this issue.

Many individuals are fully aware the tests are faulty and unsuitable for diagnosis of Sars CoV2. However, there is a large segment of lead opposition to the current vaccine policies which continues to push completely invalid research and data based on these tests.


Natural immunity to Sars CoV2 can not be determined through testing unsuitable for detection of the virus. This fallacy will be utilized to drive more people to Covid-19 testing which can not determine infection with Sars CoV2, and which may be exploited for collection of genetic material.

Global genomic sequencing campaigns are being conducted through use of Covid-19 testing.


Asymptomatic transmission


Asymptomatic transmission is the FOUNDATIONAL myth, on which all social distancing, masks, and lockdown measures are predicated. The studies are based on ‘viral load’ levels which RT PCR tests can’t measure as they are NOT specific to the virus and all studies are set above 24 CT which pick up nothing but dead non infectious material. The studies do not measure METHOD of transmission of disease, and all studies admit this in research text body.

Full documentation from government data and research trialing dismantling unsubstantiated ‘silent infection’ and ‘asymptomatic transmission’ claims may be viewed here:

No Breakthrough Cases & No Asymptomatic Transmission: Bogus Research Used to Push Covid-19 Myth

Masks: Diversion and divide


Thus, the argument around the efficacy of masks is moot. The masks are not necessary because THERE IS NO ASYMPTOMATIC TRANSMISSION of Sars CoV2. Per the trial data itself.

Masks are unnecessary because the premise for which they rationalized is BOGUS.

Vaccines have no benefit for ANY population, especially the elderly and immunocompromised:

Vaccines have NO substantive benefit, vaccine trial data and CDC date itself clearly demonstrates the drugs induce the side effects mirroring the symptoms vaccines are purported to suppress (or worse). The drugs do NOT stop transmission of disease, thus, useless as a public health intervention to prevent spread of disease. The evidence, itself, debunks the public health official and pharmaceutical claims. The vaccines are approved on fraudulent premises unsupported by drug company and public health organization data..

There is a very troubling narrative being pushed by many physicians and scientists who have raised warnings against the vaccines which states the drugs may provide benefit to elderly individuals.

Norway changed its recommendation for administering the vaccinations to the frail elderly due to deaths occurring in care homes last January with autopsy findings. The prime minister stated in interview administering Covid-19 vaccinations could ‘speed up’ end of life process.

Autopsy study found vaccines INDUCING side effects correlated with DEATHS of elderly in care homes. This is the LAST population whom should be administered these harmful and completely unnecessary drugs. Whistleblowers have come out and stated deaths occurring due to vaccinations are being falsely attributed to Covid-19.

A large spike in ‘Covid-19’ deaths immediately followed the administration of Covid-19 vaccines in care homes. The deaths were attributed to Covid-19 on completely bogus tests or symptoms. Autopsies were NOT conducted in most places (as they were done in Norway who found a direct correlation between deaths and morbidity in elders).

And, it is disturbing that so many physicians opposing the vaccines in younger populations still push these harmful substances on our elderly. It is unethical and dangerous to administer Covid-19 vaccines in medically frail populations, traditionally the LAST groups which will receive approval for new drugs. This standard medical ethic has been turned on its head for Covid-19 vaccines and treatments.”


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