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Peaceful Noncompliance and Putting Biden’s Mandates into Perspective


Peaceful Noncompliance and Putting Biden’s Mandates into Perspective

September 14, 2021 | Leah Wilson, J.D. Executive director, Stand for Health Freedom | Source

KrisAnne Hall is a Constitutional law expert with key insights into how we can move forward outside of the healthcare communism.

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Krisanne Hall is a constitutional scholar and educator through her organization Liberty First University. She earned a degree in biochemistry, is a US Army Veteran, a former prosecutor and first amendment attorney. She and her husband JC, a vereran and pastor to Haiti, co-created the movie and movement Noncomplaiant, and they teach liberty and freedom across the globe.


Steps You Can Take After Watching

Step One: Go to Liberty First Society to sign up for activism classes so we can move our communities toward health freedom.

Step Two: Watch Noncompliant for an information packed re-education on the true meaning of the Constitution for America, and how you can stand with freedom in your communities.

Step Three: Take action to say NO to vaccine mandates in our communities


Step Four: If you haven’t joined us yet, help SHF get to 250,000 signatures to deliver to our representatives in the US Congress to show them Americans do not want mandated medical treatment in order to move freely in the United States.


Link To NonCompliantMovie