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Freedom Prevails: Florida registers nation’s lowest COVID case numbers


Freedom Prevails: Florida registers nation’s lowest COVID case numbers

Photo Image: Source | October 18, 2021 | Jordan Schachtel | dossier.substack

“Florida is now outperforming every state in the contiguous United States in terms of new COVID-19 cases per capita. And they did it all without a Vax Pass system, widespread business closures, mask mandates, and/or draconian lockdowns.

Here’s the details:

Outside of Hawaii and select outlying U.S. territories, Florida has the lowest COVID case rate in America.

And it all happened under the leadership of a man who the corporate media and ruling class have taken to labeling “DeathSantis” for his refusal to implement draconian COVID policies, such as mandatory masks, pharmaceutical injection mandates, business closures, and the like.

A decent human being would understand this data as a cause for celebration, especially for all of the corporate press reporters and pundits who expressed “deep concern” for Florida when its COVID numbers went up earlier this year in tandem with its annual respiratory season. Yet somehow, I am struggling to find these once “very concerned” reporters updating us on the status of Florida.

I’ve found nothing from the Miami Herald. Nothing from the Orlando Sentinel. Nothing from the Palm Beach Post. Nothing from the Tampa Bay Times. For some reason, they only seem to want to report the COVID numbers during Florida’s respiratory season, and they always seem to forget to report the data when it support the governor’s policies. It’s almost as if there is an ulterior motive, or an agenda in play, or something!”

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