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“Nature as a Weapon of Global War”



“Nature as a Weapon of Global War”


November 3, 2021 | by J. Marvin Herndon Ph.D. (Author), Mark Whiteside M.D. (Author)

“Anyone with a deep connection to nature can see how badly the natural world is suffering. The lush green forests and hillsides and clear blue skies are just memories. Fields and roadsides no longer bustle with insect life and each spring and fall migration brings fewer and fewer birds. An overturned rock that once revealed an entire community of living organisms is now barren beneath. The summer heat has become unbearable, and you can feel the burn of the sun on your skin. Forests are disappearing and remaining trees display thinned-out foliage with trunks and branches scorched and damaged by the sun and runaway fires. The air is unfit to breathe, human health is declining, children are damaged by Autism Spectrum Disorders, while neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s rob cognition from our elders. Scientists and physicians are unable or unwilling to discover the cause of what has become the Sixth Great Extinction of life on Earth. But not the authors, who, through forensic scientific and medical investigations, identified and described the common causalities.

In 1968, geophysicist Gordon J. F. MacDonald described the future possibility of purposefully triggering instabilities in such large-scale natural systems as the weather, the climate, and the oceans, including such phenomena as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis for use as weapons of warfare against enemy nations. Much of what MacDonald envisioned has come to pass through a half century of technological development. But he failed to realize that national militaries could and would be co-opted by a diabolically clever, Trojan horse, document that secretly encouraged sovereign nations to wage environmental warfare on their own citizens, nations, and planet Earth, including all its biota and natural, biogeochemical processes.

In this book we describe and document, with over 800 references, the results of our multi-year long investigations that have been published in numerous peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals.”

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