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Hello again everyone!

Jolie Diane here, one of almost 2000 candidates for President of United States of America that you never got to hear about last election.

In my previous communication I shared my Ten Point Plan for America where I concluded my presentation with every lawfully recognized American being eligible to receive ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

As President I will jumpstart America’s REAL economy by investing in The People NOT politics or the financial schemes of investment houses, nor will I be catering to the central banks kowtowing to the IMF and World Bank.

Every week, every living, lawful American man, woman and child would receive approximately $5,000 cash SETTLEMENT during the four years while I’m in office.

This SETTLEMENT is just the beginning and will be issued by Executive Order to bring an end to the psychological and physical abuse that we’ve all been forced to endure during an intentional and globally orchestrated take down of America’s financial system.

This SETTLEMENT is financially comparable to a US Senator’s salary and should be considered Seed Money help get you back on track. However please be aware that during this time there will be no more Federal money issued to anyone in any other form for ANYTHING. This money will provide what is called a psychological advantage and will be distributed with no strings attached while we do some serious auditing and slashing and burning of the bloated federal system.

My plan will NOT call for more money than is already in the system. My plan is simply RE PRIORITIZING and RE POSITIONING where the money goes. I invite skeptics to peruse a Sample of Appropriations 2021, 2022, 2023 and see for themselves how out of whack corporate controlled Washington DC’s priorities are.

The Federal Government absolutely has the means necessary for this ONE MILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT. In fact, I think that sum’s too low! Regardless, my focus as President will be on lawfully recognized Americans and not the enrichment of other countries’ shady oligarchs, crazy dictators or homicidal, human-trafficking terrorists.

The American People can and must decide for themselves how to use this wealth to jumpstart our Nation. We are enormously fortunate, some say blessed, to be living through one of the most volatile financial times the world has ever experienced. I say, let’s take full advantage of this event!

Let’s not be led systematically down a chute like cattle awaiting their slaughter. We need not be dictated how to “build back better”. Rather, we are each called upon to apply our own wise choices to create EXCEPTIONAL condition. New and amazing things will happen when reckless government spending and artificial financial control mechanisms are discarded, and We-the-People are in the driver’s seat.

I’d emphasize that I’m NOT talking about a TAX CREDIT. My administration will eliminate the Federal Income Tax entirely, significantly simplifying the tax code.

Most importantly, I’ll shut down the Federal Reserve, which, as you likely know, is neither federal nor a reserve.

And I will do this while abolishing the CARES Act that President Trump signed.  The CARES Act was the largest wealth transfer in the history of the world, giving the world’s largest private equity firm, Blackrock, the reigns to our economy via its merger with the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve! The treasonous CARES Act must go.

Meanwhile, the ONE MILLION DOLLARS per person in constitutionally legit cash – and that’s important – cash, encourages the creativity of each individual American to design the path our Nation will take.

The US dollar, as currently issued, is unfortunately on its last legs.  That’s why we’re seeing nonstop pressure for make-pretend, digital money – figments of virtual reality being pandered in videogame-frenzied format for mass consumption – when those countless 1s and 0s were actually designed for tracking, tracing, preferred access on digital exchanges, and behavioral control within the Internet of Bodies (IoB) under AI totalitarianism.

This technocratic wealth-and-impoverishment system doesn’t have to happen, and it certainly doesn’t start tomorrow. Instead of funding central bankers, obtuse financial vehicles that only billionaires know how to successfully maneuver, which result in environmental destruction and war, we can fund peace, health, prosperity, and the American Dream for real Americans.