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The Toll of Critical Race Theory on Our Children


November 1, 2021 |  By ALVEDA KING  | Photo Image: Source

The Toll of Critical Race Theory on Our Children

“When we forget that we are one race—the human race—we begin segregating ourselves and creating division in our nation. This division has ripple effects on all aspects of society. Perhaps most concerning is the effect it has on education.

Our country was founded as one nation under God, and our children used to be reminded of it every day. It used to be standard practice that when the school bell rang, children would stand up, face the American flag, place their right hand over their heart and say the pledge of allegiance. Each day they would speak the words “one nation, under God.” The symbolism was clear; we all stood united in our love of country and commitment to equality.

Where did that unity go?

In the enduring song, “Georgia on my Mind,” the great Ray Charles sang, “no peace I find” in his home state during the civil rights movement. Indeed, Georgia was at the heart of the movement, and a troubled time it was. Yet we persevered, and we won—schools were desegregated and our civil liberties were enshrined in the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Where did that victory go?

Both unity and victory have been undermined by critical race theory (CRT). This new approach to race actively divides our kids every day by leading them to believe that the color of their skin holds more importance than the content of their character. This is precisely the type of ideal that leaders in the civil rights movement fought against, yet here it is again, right here in Georgia.


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