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Florida: Advent Health System Will No Longer Require CV Vaxx for Employees

Florida: Advent Health System Will No Longer Require CV Vaxx for Employees

Florida Hospital System With 83,000 Employees Will No Longer Require Its Employees To Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19

December 5, 2021 |  The COVID World  |

“Advent Health will no longer require its 83,000 employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, reports FOX35 Orlando. In a memo sent out to employees, the hospital system said that they have decided to suspend all vaccination requirements.

The hospital made the announcement after a federal court ruled the federal government couldn’t enforce such mandates.

The news comes just weeks after a Long Beach emergency room was forced to close its doors due to a shortage of nursing staff which was caused by a recent New York state mandate which bars unvaccinated medical workers from their jobs.

AdventHealth said in a statement:

“Due to recent decisions by the federal courts to block the CMS vaccine mandate, we are suspending all vaccination requirements prescribed by this mandate.

We will continue to monitor the ongoing litigation regarding the federal law.”

The Office of Governor Ron DeSantis has also sent out a statement in response to AdventHealth’s decision, stating:

“We welcome AdventHealth’s decision to comply with state law to protect Floridians’ jobs and to ensure our state’s healthcare system can continue functioning smoothly.”

Given the fact the mandates are causing staff shortages around the country, it is expected that other hospitals and healthcare providers are soon to follow.”


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