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Julian Assange suffers stroke in prison



*Julian Assange in being persecuted in prison for exposing war crimes while those who committed the war crimes are not in jail.

Julian Assange suffers stroke in prison

December 11, 2021 | Posted by Kane | Citizen Free Press |

“Julian Assange has had a stroke in Belmarsh Prison in October, his fiancee Stella Moris revealed last night.


The WikiLeaks publisher, 50, who is being held on remand in the maximum-security jail while fighting extradition to America, was left with a drooping right eyelid, memory problems and signs of neurological damage.


A ‘transient ischaemic attack’ – the interruption of the blood supply to the brain – can be a warning sign of a full stroke. Assange has since had an MRI scan and is now taking anti-stroke medication.


Ms Moris, 38, a lawyer, said: ‘Julian is struggling and I fear this mini-stroke could be the precursor to a more major attack. It compounds our fears about his ability to survive the longer this long legal battle goes on.”


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