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STOP H.R. 550 Federal Vaxx Database Scheme


STOP H.R. 550 Federal Vaxx Database Scheme

December 7, 2021 | By Campaign For LibertyLink To Sign NOW


Under the cover of attention-grabbing battles over spending, the U.S. House voted to completely sell your medical data down the river.

Authoritarians in D.C. are demanding to know if YOU have had your COVID shots or not.

What part of the U.S. Constitution permits the federal government to require personal medical information about you?

H.B. 550, the Vaccination Infrastructure Modernization Act, is the latest total abuse of the public.

There is a great opportunity to stop this horrible legislation in the Senate, but it could come up for a vote at any time.

Sign the petition to your U.S. Senators AT ONCE to stop the NATIONWIDE vaccine database scheme when it comes up for a vote!


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After Signing, Please Also Call All Senators To OPPOSE H.R. 550 — Federal Vaxx Database

Talking points:
A database to record and collect confidential “vaccination” and other medical information violates Americans’ fundamental right to medical privacy.
We mustn’t allow a caste system that demotes and punishes people based on their personal medical choices.
“Vote NO / STOP H.R. 550!”



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