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if it’s not inalienable, it’s not a right

if it’s not inalienable, it’s not a right

january 7, 2021 | bad cattitude | |  Sarasota For Vaccination Choice |

some things in life truly are binary.

people like to play the “reasonable” card and claim this is not so and that it’s some kind of edge-lord extremist position.

but it’s not.

sometimes, there can be no compromise, no middle way.

it is a hard and objective ground truth that only one may be paramount:

you, the individual

or they, the state.


if you allow your rights to be treated as anything other than inalienable and intrinsic to you as a fundamental property of your personhood and you no longer have rights at all.


there are no exceptions, no special cases, no carve outs.


allow even one and you are left with no rights, only privileges that can be taken away by the state if they claim they have a good reason. (or worse, a popular one)

and once you open that door, oh what reasons they will find…


rights place the individual above the state. this is the essence of a republic and what separates it from the brutal ravages of a tyranny of the majority.

if you do not allow hate speech, you will have no right to speech.

if you are not a bodily integrity absolutist, you will have no bodily integrity.

all your life will be a negotiation with the state about the terms of your indenture.

you are a subject, not a citizen.

this is why they come at you when you are frightened. this is why they seek to terrify you further. this is why they start small with provocative edge cases that demand that you defend rights being used in some unpopular fashion.

they want to drive in the thin end of the wedge.

and once they do, they have you. the fight becomes “when and how much this time?” not “if”…

your appeasement builds their muscles.

and you will lose.

you get to keep only those rights you will fight for and if you will not fight, your subjugation is assured.


find the strength to stand and to become ungovernable or accept that holding your prerogative to go outside hostage as an “incentive” to force you to comply is now the remit of your rulers.

and it will not satisfy them.

and if you think that sucks, wait until you see what comes next.

these are the digital shackles from which you will never escape. it’s been the goal of the top-down social planners for decades. this will be linked to everything and become a social credit system like the chinese one that the davos technocrats so desperately envy.

this has been the plan all along. they just broke it down into bite sized chunks to get you to swallow them and not put up a fuss because no inch they took ever quite seemed worth it at the time.

in every single place that has imposed vaccine requirements to socialize, the ratchet has been one way. have they given you freedom in return? removed masks? allowed normal life?

has a single one even MENTIONED a process or standard by which this restriction could one day be removed?

because i sure have not seen it.

instead, they move the definitions again. “up to date” replaces “fully vaxxed.” this was never supposed to be temporary. ever. it was sold as a one time thing to get your life back. they knew damn well that this was a lie when they told it.

then they gave you nothing and demanded more.

can you seriously not see the pattern? can you not see what’s coming?

this will be the affirmative requirement for you to gain permission from the state every 6 months to be able to have a life, work, socialize, or go to school.

just wait until they start linking everything to this and your snarky joke on facebook gets you denied for a car loan AND renders you unable to ride the bus.

this sort of certification to engage in society is the dream of the central planner since the club of rome.

they back off when you buck, but they keep coming back the minute you calm down.

they seek to wear you out, wear you down, and push you over the line.

this is the inch you cannot yield.

cross this event horizon, and getting back takes something that looks an awful lot like actual war.

you do NOT wanna have to do that.

and this ALL stems from acceding that rights are not absolute and permitting exceptions.

it comes from saying “well, who could support bigoted speech?” or “well, we’ll just trade a little bodily autonomy for a little safety.”


that ends one way.


the price of liberty is the liberty of others, of defending the right of others to say, at the top of their lungs, things you have spent your whole life opposing at the top of yours.

it’s accepting that people will make you mad.

it’s watching people do things you hate.

and if you will not do this, then you are not suited to be free. and so you won’t be. they will rule you. good and hard.

the truth is always and everywhere this:

forget it at your peril.



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