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CDC Has Withheld C0ViD Data From Americans To ‘Prevent Vaccine Hesitancy’

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The data are “not yet ready for prime time.”

CDC Has Withheld CV Data From Americans To ‘Prevent Vaccine Hesitancy’

February 21, 2022 | By Steve Watson | Summit News |

“The New York Times reported this past weekend that the CDC has chosen not to publish huge amounts of COVID data, instead keeping it secret, because it fears that the information would cause ‘vaccine hesitancy’ among the American public.

The report notes that the withheld data includes information on boosters, hospitalizations, wastewater analyses, as well as critical information on COVID infections and deaths broken down by age, race, and vaccination status.

The justification for holding the information back?  Fears that the data would be “misinterpreted” and lead to “vaccine hesitancy,” according to the report.

In other words, it didn’t fit into the narrative that everyone must get vaccinated and boosted no matter who they are and what their situation is.”


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