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OPPOSE FDA approval of Pfizer Injection for children under 5


OPPOSE FDA approval of Pfizer Injection for children under 5


February 8, 2022 | by Steve Kirsch |

How you can help persuade the FDA committee not to approve Pfizer for kids under 5

This takes < 42 seconds of your time (John did it in 28 seconds). The more people who do it the better. Even though it will be ignored, we don’t want to have them claim that nobody opposed it.

Pfizer’s 2 Shot Vaccine Regimen for Children under 5 yo. has shown zero efficacy

Next Tuesday, February 15th, the FDA will vote to authorize Pfizer’s COVID vaccine for “emergency use” in children 6 months to four years old. That’s over 19 million kids in the United States who have almost zero risk from severe Covid.

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine failed to produce any immune response in kids 2, 3 and 4 years old in clinical trials.  But the FDA told Pfizer to submit its EUA application anyway, with no effective dosing data.  (Inject the babies first, see if it works later!)

What happened to the FDA rule requiring 50% minimum efficacy of a vaccine to qualify for any kind of approval?

Answer: Rules are made to be broken.

The plan is to start shooting up the babies as soon as possible with the two doses that didn’t work, while Pfizer goes back to clinical trials to see whether 3 doses of the vaccine will work.  This is why the FDA won’t have any effective dosage data to review when it takes its vote.  So much for protecting the health and safety of infants and toddlers

Here is the VSRF produced video: IS the COVID Vaccine Dangerous For Kids? (

Last week, Sweden officially stated that it will not recommend COVID vaccines for any children under the age of 12. Their reason is that “there is no evidence of benefit” because kids are not at risk from severe COVID.


If you agree that the FDA should not give Pfizer an EUA to inject infants and toddlers with its unproven vaccine, here’s how to take action

I did my submission in just 42 seconds.

Open the Online Form –

Complete the Online Form – 

(1) COMMENT: Limit of 5000 characters. May I suggest you just write “oppose.” It’s not like anyone will read 100,000 comments anyway, so we are just going for numbers. Feel free if you write something longer but I don’t think it is going to make a difference.


(4) EMAIL ADDRESS  Optional – if you want an email receipt from them for a record of your submission.

(5) TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: most likely “INDIVIDUAL”[they’ll ask for contact information]  or “ANONYMOUS” [no contact info.] Your identifying information is NOT required.

(6) SELECT – “I am not a robot”. However, if you are a Robot, don’t check the box. You don’t want to lie.

(7) SUBMIT comment.


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