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UPDATE_CORRECTED Re: California: Criminal investigation NOT opened in Sonoma on vaccine injury

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UPDATED February 7, 2022:

**Note: This news story is still unfolding.

The case # 220125009, has been verified.

However, please be aware that Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office stated that they are not conducting an investigation into vaccine side effects or mandates and the case number is informational only to document a number of emails submitted on this topic.


Keep checking back for updates and please let us know if you have more information.  Thanks.




California: Criminal investigation opened in Sonoma on vaccine injury


 February 6, 2022 | by Steve Kirsch  |

“I just got this today and haven’t had a chance to find out if this will go anywhere, but it is an interesting development that if successful can be repeated everywhere in the US.

This is breaking news. I will have more on this later, but wanted to get this out now.

This post is in two parts: a message from Michelle Ford and then a supplementary statement from an unknown source which may not be credible, but certainly worthy of discussion.

What is odd to me is that I’m just hearing this now (Feb 6), yet the case was opened on January 25, 2022 which was almost 2 weeks ago.


I am (currently) skeptical that this will go anywhere

For someone to be convicted of a crime, there must be criminal intent. The people who are giving the vaccine and mandating its use have been brainwashed into believing the vaccine is safe and effective. Same is true of judges who happily get their booster shots. There is a provision in the law about “reasonable minds can differ” which means in this case that if a lot of people think the vaccines are perfectly safe and effective, anyone giving them can’t be convicted of a crime. When you have judges who willingly took the vaccine, it’s going to be a tough case to prosecute.

So take everything below with a huge grain of salt and consider this “news” as for discussion purposes only at this point.

Note that the case number is legitimate and a friend of mine validated it with the Sheriff’s department in Sonoma.

With that intro, here’s the scoop.

Messengers of vaccine injuries not the culprits | Arizona Capitol Times

A message from Michelle Ford

Michelle Ford, is a nurse and founder of VIAL – Vaccine Injury Awareness League sent out the following message:

I have a HUGE DEVELOPMENT I get to report.

The Sonoma County Sheriff has officially opened a criminal investigation into the charges of MURDER and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY regarding the Covid injections after I petitioned them to stand up for the PEOPLE and enforce the law.

We have a case number!!!!

So similar to the UK we can now place ads in papers in local Nextdoor listings – essentially EVERYWHERE and ask anyone who has experienced adverse effects to the injections that they can now report it as evidence OF A CRIME.

I need help creating an action team ASAP to help get this information OUT TO THE PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA in short order I think we need to notify all our connections and truther groups across the state I’m thinking Childrens Defense Fund, ICAN, who else?!?


We need to be very specific about what people are contacting the Sheriff’s office about – for Specifically ANY ADVERSE EFFECTS or DEATHS OR FOR FAMILY OR FRIENDS THAT HAVE BEEN ADVERSELY EFFECTED


Omg. This is big, big.

The case # is 220125009 (i.e., the 9th case opened on Jan 25)

Do not contact them for any other reason than to report adverse effects – as I suspect their office will soon to be INUNDATED.

Sonoma County Sheriff’s office.

Addendum added by someone else

DISCLAIMER: I don’t know who created the following content or how credible it is, but it likely isn’t very credible. For discussion purposes only.

This is a direct action that will implicate ANYONE PUSHING THE INJECTIONS

I HAVE PUT BOTH THE SONOMA COUNTY AND MARIN COUNTY HEALTH BOARDS ON NOTICE. And sent the directors the criminal case number.

Please get this out to any CA groups who can help us get the word out!!

If the Sheriff’s find enough compelling evidence, I demanded that they SEIZE ALL THE VIALS AS EVIDENCE. A chain of custody seizure from every hospital, doctors office or pop up clinic. The proof is in the vials. Anywhere issuing the ‘injection’. IMMEDIATELY.

This is helpful to have a case number because we as individuals can now call up our doctors offices or anywhere and let them know they may be held personally liable for conducting crimes against humanity to the FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW by issuing or even RECOMMENDING these injections TO ANYONE MOVING FORWARD!!

This is huge, huge!! Bigly huge.

Congratulations. Now let’s get to work!!

Share this everywhere.

UK links

From the comments:

These are the clips I was speaking about of citizens delivering notice to all local police stations that there was an case filed with an official police case # for London Hammersmith CID, as well as international criminal court in Hague. She brings copies of what she is reading and references 1100 piece of evidence. Reading this to all local stations put extra pressure. Remember, they are also responsible for collective evidence and new statements as they come in. If you are a fan of British detective shows, you will know how this works! She is fantastic, below and should be a model for the woman in California:

More on this story later

I will update the text of this article as I learn more, but if you know more, please let me know in the comments what you think. As I said above, I report this with a very high degree of skepticism at this point in time for the reasons I listed at the start of the article. So this is for discussion purposes only.”


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