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Why is the White House following the lead of the CDC, a for-profit corporation, instead of our Constitution?

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Why is the White House following the lead of the CDC, a for-profit corporation, instead of our Constitution?

CDC is listed on Dunn & Bradstreet[1] as a for-profit corporation.  Beyond the blatant conflict of interest in CDC’s partnership with big pharma, is the long history of corruption that follows this organization.[2]

The American people have a right to know why our public servants abandoned their duty to protect and defend the Constitution and instead followed this company with profit motives, resulting in failure to protect public health and  God-given, unalienable rights.  Additionally, this for-profit alphabet agency has been working with China’s CDC for the last 30 years.[3] More and more people are aware of the need to question[4] unconstitutional policies and refuse to comply with unlawful mandates.


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CDC Finally Ditches Indoor Masking Guidance For Majority Of US (Including Schools)

“…Jeffrey Zients, a White House official, did not deny the White House had been in touch with the CDC on revising its masking recommendations but said the CDC was “in the lead here on both the substance and the timing of masking guidance,” per the Epoch Times.”

February 25, 2022 | Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge 

“Just as Dr. Rochelle Walensky had hinted a little more than a week ago, the CDC on Friday finally eased its masking guidance for schools and other public areas, liberating millions of Americans from strict requirements that mandated mask wearing in most – if not all – public places.

According to the updated guidance, more than 70% of the US now falls under the “low” or “medium” COVID community level, meaning masks aren’t recommended for use by the general public.

In areas with a “high” level of spread (currently about 30% of the US population) masks would still be recommended in public indoor settings, and under the “medium” level, people at higher risk are encouraged to speak with their doctor about wearing a mask. But under the “medium” and “low” areas, the CDC doesn’t recommend masking.

Readers can find a breakdown of the new guidelines below:

Source: CDC

And here’s a breakdown of how those levels correspond to different parts of the US.

Source: CDC

Under the new guidelines, universal masking in schools – a subject of particularly intense debate  – is now only recommended in areas with a “high” level of community spread.”

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