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Carnegie report substantiates geoengineering constitutes weaponry

Carnegie report substantiates geoengineering constitutes weaponry


Researchers familiar with Carnegie history in eugenics are unlikely to be surprised by C2G alignment with the United Nations Agenda 2030 / Sustainable Development Goals and Carnegie Council leadership in geoengineering funding and governance. -JD



March 2022 | Solar Radiation Modification: A Risk-Risk Analysis | Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative |PDF

Authors:  Felgenhauer, T., Bala, G., Borsuk, M., Brune, M., Camilloni, I., Wiener, J.B., Xu, J.


“New governance institutions or mechanisms may be needed to restrain harmful or unjust use of SRM, ensure that any deployment is beneficial and just, and assess and minimize any countervailing harms. Existing international governance aimed at addressing climate change and its impacts may offer some useful mechanisms, but currently appears to be inadequately designed for addressing SRM and its distinctive characteristics. As an attempt to restrain the imposition of global risks through hasty or unwise action, governance of SRM may be more analogous to arms control agreements than environmental treaties.”  -p.46   LINK


This report was commissioned and funded by the Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative (C2G) which is an initiative of the Carnegie Council for Ethics and International Affairs (CCEIA).




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