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Hawaii: Here’s How To Opt Out of “Smart” Meters

Hawaii: Here’s How To Opt Out of “Smart” Meters


March 5, 2022 | By |


Hawaiian Electric (HEI) is deploying “advanced” meters (aka “smart” meters) throughout the islands. Opt-out now!   
Easy as 1-2-3! 


There are many reasons to opt-out (see below) and the easiest way to do it is:
1) Call Customer Service
2) Tell them you want to opt-out
3) Ask for a confirmation email to be sent to you
Here are their contact numbers: 
Oahu – (808) 548-7311
Maui – (808) 871-9777
Molokai & Lanai – (877) 871-8461
Hilo (808) 969-6999
Kona – (808) 329-3584
Waimea (808) 885-4605


There is no fee to opt-out at this time. Nothing changes if you opt-out. You keep the electric meter you have and your rate does not change. 
If you get a smart meter, you cannot go back! 
But if you opt-out you can choose later to get a smart meter. 
If in the future Hawaiian Electric wants to increase rates or charge a fee for opting-out, they have to get approval from the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and you can decide then whether to keep your meter or get a smart meter.

Here are some reason to consider opting-out and not getting an “advanced/smart” meter: 
Wireless networks, which smart meters require, are energy hogs. Our streets and neighborhoods will be littered with wireless network boxes and hubs. Advanced meters are not clean, not green, not sustainable. Energy consumption of wireless networks are incompatible with Hawaii’s energy goals.
Wireless radiation damages the environment including birds, bees, trees, plants, animals, insects:
The densification of antennas poses risks to security, privacy, health and the environment
The FCC is not protecting us. That’s why the FCC currently has multiple lawsuits filed against it. The agency has been captured by the wireless industry
Firefighters unions oppose towers/antennas
More than 255 scientists from 44 nations appeal to the UN for protection from wireless radiation
Wireless Radiation and Health. Over 100 references to peer reviewed studies:
We are not anti-technology! We want Safe Technology! Analog (“dial”) meters work just fine and do not emit wireless radiation. 


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