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Tell the House To PASS H.R. 4441- Travel Mask Mandate Repeal Act

“To prohibit the imposition of mask mandates on public transportation.” LINK_H.R. 4441


March 23, 2022 | By Citizens For Free Speech | Link To_Tell Congress to BAN face masks on all airplanes, busses & trains. Vote YES on H.R.4441

Victory in the Senate! On March 15, the Senate voted 57-40 to pass S.2337 – The Travel Mask Mandate Repeal Act, and there is no doubt that CFFS members played a part in its bi-partisam passage.

Now the House version is sitting in committee in the House and potentially languishing again.

It’s time to blast our House representatives to get off their duffs and PASS H.R. 4441- Travel Mask Mandate Repeal Act.

Most states, communities and businesses have already dropped mask mandates completely, restoring Free Speech and fresh air to beleaguered wearers. Even some foreign airlines have dropped mask mandates. To travel on an airplane in the US, however, you must still wear a mask the minute you set foot into the airport.

Passengers have been bullied, forcibly removed from flights and put on “no fly” lists for not wanting to wear a face mask. Some have even been criminally prosecuted and now have criminal records.

Bottom line: we are just plain fed up with this theater. It’s a violation of our Free Speech rights as well as a health risk to the wearer.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) originally introduced S.4441. If passed, this bill will wipe out all mask mandates on ALL public transportation. 

Citizens for Free Speech agrees and stands with Rep. Biggs to stop face mask mandates on all public travel.

Send an email NOW to your Congressmen to tell them you want mask mandates stopped and ask them to vote YES on H.R. 4441!



Link To_Tell Congress to BAN face masks on all airplanes, busses & trains. Vote YES on H.R.4441




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