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California ALERT: STOP SB 1464!


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California ALERT: STOP SB 1464!  Please oppose this bill.  This bill defunds the police for not enforcing health orders.

April 8 2022 | By The Control Group |

On April 6 at 1pm, the Senate Health committee was served a cease and desist. SB 1464 was taken off the schedule on April 6th, re-scheduled for April 20th.  Keep calling Police Departments, City Council, Board of Supervisors, any office that hasn’t sent a Position letter, and ask them to do so by next Wednesday so it’s on file if the bill is heard on the 20th.

People can download all materials here, and also input their data to receive a link for automated Docusign for the sign on document.

SB 1464 is the single most threatening bill yet, due to their attempt to hand control of law enforcement directly over to pharma, who basically runs all of our “health” agencies. Positioning themselves to financially extort compliance from the “guys with the guns and cages” puts everyone in serious jeopardy.

Thank you so much for helping to spread the word.


The Control Group