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Former Delta Pilot Discusses Dangers Of Injecting Pilots w/ the Experimental CV-19 Jabs

Former Delta Pilot Discusses Dangers Of Injecting Pilots w/ the Experimental CV-19 Jabs

Dr. Lee Merritt, MD interviews Dr. Kevin Stillwagon, DC

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Former Delta Pilot Shares Concerns Over Airline Safety & C0vId-19 Jab

April 8, 2022 | By Michelle Edwards |

Earlier this week, former Delta pilot Dr. Kevin Stillwagon spoke in-depth with Dr. Lee Merritt about the dangers of injecting airline pilots with the experimental COVID-19 jabs. As pointed out in the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners, the FAA typically requires at least one year of post-marketing experience with any new drug before considering it for aeromedical certification purposes. The guidance adds, “this observation period allows time for uncommon but aero medically significant adverse effects to manifest themselves.”

In their discussion, Dr. Stillwagon, a chiropractor, and Dr. Merritt, an orthopedic surgeon, discussed their shock over the apparent lack of concern related to COVID-19 jabs in the aviation industry, considering that aviation flight surgeons typically have rigid standards for pilots. Formerly married to a pilot, Dr. Merritt shared, “not only did they not ever use an experimental medicine; they didn’t even use a medicine on the pilots if it hadn’t been out for more than five years.” 

Code of Federal Regulation; FAA

The Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) standards for medical certification mandatorily disqualify pilots from flying who have a history of certain medical conditions. Currently, the Federal Air Surgeon has determined that FAA medical certificate holders “may not act as pilot in command, or in any other capacity as a required flight crew member, for 48 hours after each dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines” to watch for potential side effects. Regardless, speaking of the real risk for damages and liability in the civilian airline industry surrounding COVID-19 shots, Dr. Stillwagon expressed his views, sharing:   

They [civilian airline industry] are definitely going to be liable because it’s part of the federal aviation regulations, the FARs, that govern the airline industry and all flying, for that matter. You cannot have a pilot in command of an aircraft if they have an experimental drug in their system. And that’s exactly what this COVID-19 shot is. I’m not going to call it a vaccine because it’s not, and they allowed this to happen. 

And this is what really aggravates me because a few weeks ago, the FAA was all wound up about the possibility of the 5g rollout affecting the radar altimeter of an aircraft, which might affect the safety of the passengers. Yet, [they have] no concern whatsoever about injecting this experimental product into pilots and flight attendants, knowing full well that it can incapacitate a crew member and therefore put the safety of the flight and every passenger at risk.

Stillwagon explained that airline pilots must endure a rigorous flight physical every six months, be in good shape, and undergo a full EKG every year. He notes that doctors are looking at your heart in the exams, adding that some flight surgeons have shared that “there are pilots out there now that got the jab, and they cannot pass their flight physical.” They’re starting to have heart irregularities show up in their EKGs. And that’s not the worst of it because some of these myocarditis incidents can be deadly. Stillwagon added:

“You can have a myocarditis event that can kill a person if their heart is undergoing severe cardiac stress. This can happen to people when they’re exercising. It can also happen to people if they’re at high altitude in an aircraft—think about pilots in the military. You have pilots that are flying jets that are pulling G force. That’s a severe stress on your heart muscle. And these pilots are carrying weapons.”

As explained by Dr. Stillwagon, following receipt of the second COVID jab, the body’s complement system kicks in, causing a hyperinflammatory situation that damages tissues, including the heart (myocarditis). With heart issues a genuine concern for pilots, Dr. Merrick reflected on reading in a monthly pilot journal listing of deceased active and retired pilots that in 2019, one pilot died. Nine pilots passed away in 2020 as the “great pandemic” got underway, but in 2021—the year of the “vaccine”—111 pilots died. Shockingly, she remarked that while the deaths momentarily made the news, “we’re not hearing about them anymore with commercial pilots.” 

Both Dr. Merrick and Dr. Stillwagon remarked that the lack of information about pilots following receipt of COVID-19 jabs is a “cover-up,” and the situation needs to be examined closely, especially now that a federal appeals court has upheld Joe Biden’s requirement that all federal employees be vaccinated against COVID-19. Undoubtedly, Merrick and Stillwagon stressed that if researchers want to investigate outcomes in a “healthy community,” there is no better group than the pilots. Dr. Merrick emphasized, “They screen those guys like nobody’s business. Because again, you’ve got so many lives at risk as commercial pilots.” 

Echoing Dr. Merrick’s concerns over the “top secret” nature in which COVID-19 data is being handled by both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and drug manufacturers like Pfizer, Dr. Stillwagon reiterated that pilots are responsible for people’s lives. “You don’t hide things from people, right? You just don’t do that,” he added. Nonetheless, he agreed that appears to be what is happening. As unvaccinated pilots join together to fight for medical freedom, Dr. Stillwagon concluded his discussion on the critical role pilots fill for Americans, adding:  

“And they will try to cover that [vaccine risk to pilots] up as far as they can because it will scare people from getting on airplanes. They don’t want that. So, you know, fear works both ways. They can scare you into doing something they want you to do, and they can also cover up things because they don’t want to scare people.”


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