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Screams from Shanghai

Image Source: screenshot_Shanghai residents scream from windows

Screams From Shanghai

— Xi Jinping Declares War on Chinese Citizens– ‘Zero C0v|d’ Lockdown Policies Are Causing Misery and Mass Starvation

Fauci Prasies China’s Lockdown Policies



April 15, 2022 | Citizen’s Free Press | Disturbing Videos from China

Residents , who have been locked up in their homes for months , are banging pots and pans , begging ” HELP! We are dying…”


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Shanghai Descends into Chaos as Taiwan Military Distributes Survival Handbook to Citizens in Preparation for China Invasion

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No, it’s not OK when China does it

Justifying lockdowns and endorsing the “threat” of Covid is doing the establishment’s work for it.

April 14, 2022 | By Catte  | Off-guardian

According to the worst kind of special pleading we have seen in the alternative media recently it’s actually ok to lock up your citizenry 24/7 to the point of mental and physical torture if you really REALLY think there’s an uber-scary virus out there.

Well, it is in China anyway. Where “DEFCON something” just rewrites the ethical rule book.

Because China’s government can be trusted to put their citizens first. Even to the point of locking them up and throwing away the key.

Couple of basic points these people need to remember since they have apparently been dozing for two years…

  1. No. It is NOT ok to lock up healthy innocent people. Even in China.
  2. Lockdowns DON’T WORK to contain infections. Even in China.
  3. The “pandemic” is a lie. “COVID” is just a rebrand of normal seasonal flu-like illness plus meaningless PCR. Also true in China btw.
  4. China is not an innocent bystander. It launched the entire fake “pandemic” scenario back in 2020, with help from the WHO.
  5. And most important – Saying “but bio labs!” is dangerous exceptionalism you are being encouraged to promote.


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