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Shanghai Lockdown Extended ‘Indefinitely’

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Shanghai Lockdown Extended ‘Indefinitely’


Shanghai Residents Rebel As Cases Surge, Lockdown Extended ‘Indefinitely’

April 6, 2022 | By Tyler Durden | ZeroHedge

China’s NHC reiterated its commitment to its “dynamic” zero-tolerance policy on Wednesday as local authorities in Shanghai confirmed the worst fears of the financial hub’s approximately 26 million residents: what was initially introduced as a 9-day staggered lockdown has been extended “indefinitely” as the number of newly confirmed cases soared to a new record on Tuesday.

Authorities counted more than 13,000 new cases in Shanghai alone, more than half of the 20,000+ new cases across the entire country. According to Bloomberg, these tallies have surpassed the toll from the early days of the pandemic, when the virus was still raging in Wuhan.

To be sure, the surge in cases is partially a factor of the latest mass-testing regime, but that hasn’t stopped the CCP from imposing the most draconian lockdown since Wuhan (as we explained earlier,backing down would be an intolerable capitulation for President Xi and local authorities, whose careers are now in jeopardy due to factors that are completely out of their control).

Following an unceasing torrent of scandals, including separating COVID positive children from their parents, covering up nursing home deaths and failing to address shortages of food and medicine, the population of Shanghai has reached its breaking point.”

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The video shows one of the temporary hospitals in Pu Dong, a district in Shanghai, to quarantine pcr test positive people: just cold hard board for bed, no comforters, no pillows, no medical supplies, no nurses, no doctors, basically a concentration camp.

People in the video are saying: Patients are on the bus.  They refuse to come off the bus and they called the police.





In case you missed it, the same politicians who unlawfully waged CCP’s c0v|d war against Americans are now enthusiastically waging another war.  They hope we will forget and just move on to their next marketing campaign, Ukraine.  A dose of skepticism toward the new narrative is healthy for freedom lovers and free thinkers.


Some key points to remember:

1. The c0v|d-19 scandal and other scenarios were engineered
2. The “virus” was never verifiably isolated and proven to exist
3. The “tests” which create “cases,” are fraudulent, injections are considered bioweapons
4. The brutal, unnecessary, and unethical response to the flu (c0v|d-19) is the CCP-response model
6. Most politicians and mainstream media represented the interests of corporate sponsors, not The People
7. The c0v|d-19 injections caused millions of injuries and deaths and do not prevent transmission of the “virus”
8. Governments are hiding their own data that proves c0v|d-19 injections cause injury and/or death
9.  Independent analysis of C0v|d-19 injection vials has revealed contaminants including graphene oxide, parasites, and nano technology components
10. The c0v|d-19 war is a crime against humanity whose perpetrators must be held accountable