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UN/WEF Usual Suspects Launch New Campaign Called “LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND”

UN/WEF Usual Suspects Launch New Campaign Called “LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND

Link To WHO_Immunization Agenda 2030: A Global Strategy to Leave No One Behind


April 14, 2022 | POSTED BY: JACOB NORDANGARD VIA PHAROS | Technocracy News | PDF

UN/WEF Call For New Global Social Contract With ‘No One Left Behind’

“The global technocrat plan requires that everyone participate. Outliers are not allowed and are seen as a threat to the “system”, and therefore must be wrapped in or eliminated. Nobody outside of the UN and WEF has asked for a new “Social Contract” that would bind everyone into a scientific dictatorship, aka Technocracy. ⁃ TN Editor

In Our Common Agenda, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres paints a picture of a world facing a choice between collapse and breakthrough. If we make the wrong choice, we will be hit by a mutating virus repeatedly haunting us. Health systems will not be able to handle the pressure and the vaccines will be distributed unequally. The planet will heat up, resulting in melting polar ice caps, floods, droughts, cyclones, animal species extinction and wasted human lives. Poverty will increase, protests will be crushed, human rights will be neglected while the development of new forms of warfare will prevent all peace initiatives.

But if we choose the model of the UN and the World Economic Forum, we are promised Paradise. A greener, safer and better world with a rapid crisis response, including a health system where vaccines are available to all, where fossil fuels are phased out and global average temperatures are kept in check, and where everyone is given the right to a digital connection to access a lifelong quality education.

The reasoning is similar to what Klaus Schwab expressed during the declaration of The Great Reset:

We have a choice to remain passive, which would lead to the amplification of many of the trends we see today. Polarisation, nationalism, rasism, and ultimately increasing social unrest and conflicts. But we have another choice, we can build a new social contract, particularly integrating the next generation, we can change our behavior to be in harmony with nature again, and we can make sure the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are best utilized to provide us with better lives.

All we need to do is hand over the power and our lives to the UN and its partner WEF and allow ourselves to be integrated under the watchful eye of the Digital God. As the cherished environmental guru and frequent WEF participant Johan Rockström from the Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact said in an interview in 2015:

I can see no other way than that 200 countries must relinquish part of their decision-making power to a planetary institutional administration. We have to work with the institutions we have, and there is only one institution that is global, the UN.[1]


To meet the goals of Agenda 2030, everyone must be involved. In Our Common Agenda, the first commitment (out of twelve) is Leave no one behind. This concerns a renewed social contract between governments and citizens which, according to the UN, should be based on human rights, including a social safety net with health care, income security, housing, education and decent work. Who can say no to that?

On closer inspection, however, the contract seems to be mostly about being digitally connected to the worldwide control system, being trained with “right” values, housed in a “smart city” with ubiquitous surveillance, and promised a universal basic income (UBI) – if you obediently follow all contradictory orders from the UN.

It is a social contract for the digital age where citizens’ rights and obligations must be adapted to today’s needs with lifelong learning, a “fair and inclusive” transition to a zero-carbon society and a “responsible” use of technology, where the spread of “false” or unpleasant information must be prevented.[2] In other words, is a contract where you are to blindly accept what the government imposes on you and where you will be excluded from taking part in both community service and financial services if you refuse or have a different opinion.”

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