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Exposing United Nations International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is key to unlocking global digital prison

Exposing United Nations International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is key to unlocking global digital prison
Many good-hearted people have started to realize that their constant companion, their cell phone, is actually spying on them and sharing their information, collecting their biometric data, and tracking them every moment of every day. It turns out that these toxic companions are not just compromising their health and spying on them, but they are designed to be the keys to their forever prison; think digital passport, biometrics, track and trace, and digital currency.


In understanding humanity’s current situation it’s essential to gain some historical perspective in order to recognize the architects, and the digital prison system they intend to implement via UN Agenda 21/2030.


The United Nations International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in their own words: “is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies – ICTs.  ITU’s global membership includes 193 Member States as well as some 900 companies, universities, and international and regional organizations.” ​The ITU, which is a paid membership club, is responsible for setting the standards and regulatory activities of 5G, now focusing on 6G.


Ultimately the ITU has plans to regulate your ability to travel and spend money based on a social credit standard and “sustainable development goals”. The United States, Russia, Ukraine, China, Germany, Afghanistan, Israel, Japan, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Italy, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, France, Poland, the Vatican, Turkey, and others are all members of the UN ITU.


This private club is attempting to guide the world into technocratic, totalitarian enslavement. Not only is the massive increase of microwave radiation transmitted by their infrastructure harming people and compromising free societies, the impact of this hazardous pollution on nature and all of life on Earth is catastrophic.


Remember during the “covid pandemic” people witnessed telco trucks out on the streets when everyone else was ordered to stay home. This was happening while nearly every nation on Earth’s leaders were parroting the exact same script; weaponizing media, mandating experimental medical interventions, and implementing medical martial law.


Even though the marketing has been skillful and addictive, the good people of the world are not locked into any sort of dystopian or Orwellian dream! Many have woken up, are aware of the constant unwarranted surveillance and are taking back control of the local infrastructure.  (See Reference Below)


By rethinking the technocratic UN ITU control mechanism of the cell phone and other devices, humanity can unlock and escape the digital prison.


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