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New Mexico Cloud Seeding to Release Silver Iodide, A Combustable Agent

New Mexico Cloud Seeding to Release Silver Iodide, A Combustable Agent and Environmental Hazard_PubChem


May 20, 2022 | New Mexico approves plans for cloud seeding LINK   | Photo Source

Doing the same thing over and over with the expectation of getting a different result is the definition of insanity. 

New Mexico  and other drought stricken western states have been engaged in weather modification via cloud seeding with silver iodide ( a combustible agent ) and other chemical contaminants for decades, which likely has contributed to the recent devastating fires and droughts.  So what do they plan to do?


More cloud seeding with silver iodide!  LINK


The Interstate Stream Commission Approved the plan for Cloud Seeding  Link


Contact New Mexico legislators to voice your strong opposition to CLOUD SEEDING, WHICH IS A SERIOUS ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEM NOT a solution.


Link To Call_Water and Natural Resources Committee Members

Link To Call_ House Members of Agriculture, Acequias And Water Resources

Link To Call_ House Members of Energy, Environment and Natural Resources

Link To Call_House Members of Consumer and Public Affairs

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New Mexico Rain 5 / 21 / 18


Milan, New Mexico Lab Analysis Results    May 21, 2018  

Values in Parts Per Billion:

Aluminum 1,590     Barium  34.0     Strontium  47.5   Sulfur 1,810



Cloud seeding aerosols are known to cause drought.

The radiative effects of aerosols on clouds mostly act to suppress precipitation” LINK


Silver iodide is an environmental hazard and combustable agent, according to Pub Chem.


The destruction of our environment by cloud seeding, weather modification, and other atmospheric hazards is environmental warfare.


There are zero studies proving cloud seeding or weather modification is safe. 




‘Cloud seeding’ schemes promoted though ineffective and polluting





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Idaho Cloud Seeding Utilizes Ag/l, an environmental hazard





Did Decades of Cloud Seeding with Silver Iodide in California Cause Drought and Increase Explosive Fire Hazard?













It is critical to outlaw the deliberate contamination of our atmosphere via cloud seeding, weather modification and other atmospheric activities.

Please email to learn more about how you can get involved in advocating for laws to prohibit destructive atmospheric activities such as cloud seeding and weather modification in order to protect life.

Link To The Clean Atmosphere Act_RI H7787