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Presenting America’s Real Coup d’Etat [MORN_01]

Presenting America’s Real Coup d’Etat [MORN_01]

July 18, 2022 | By John Titus | BestEvidence | Video


“Presenting America’s Real Coup d’Etat” bats leadoff in this about-10-part series, “Murder of a Rebel Nation” (MORN), which will document the actual, done-deal takeover of the U.S. by corporate criminals over a decade ago. While the moving parts and pieces needed to effect that coup have been shifting into place for a very long time, the fulcrum event that irreversibly flipped the U.S. over the wrong side of the prison wall into the land mass of full-blown criminality was the TARP bailout in October 2008, as we shall see in future episodes. One month after that watershed event, Barack Obama was elected as the 44th President of the United States—a purely titular office by the time he took up residence in the White House three months later. In this introductory episode, we consider why Obama would get on national TV and tell lies about why he and his administration had not prosecuted and would not ever prosecute any major Wall Street banks or executives despite the uncontested fact—established repeatedly by his own top law enforcers—that serious crime was quite common if not endemic throughout Wall Street in the run-up to the global financial crisis.

The answer, as we suggest in this episode and will establish beyond all doubt in coming episodes, is that Wall Street effected a coup d’etat in 2008, coinciding with the passage of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) bailout just one month before Barack Obama was elected. For Wall Street, the fruit of its coup—indeed the fruit of any successful coup—is criminal immunity, possession of which by Wall Street was amply demonstrated throughout Obama’s first term. Insofar as Barack Obama was concerned, therefore, the coup meant this: he was subordinate to Wall Street, and his job was to do Wall Street’s bidding. Which is exactly what that shameful TV appearance was all about. (Indeed that’s been the job of every president since the 2008 coup, though it’s arguable, albeit weakly, that not all Oval Office occupiers got the memo.)

In later episodes, once we’ve proved that a coup took place—which by definition means that the rule of law is dead in the U.S.—we examine the post-coup power structure in the U.S. and identify the single criminal enterprise that rules over the rest. The result will surprise no one who’s viewed this channel with any regularity. All episodes in the “Murder of a Rebel Nation” will appear in the newly created MORN playlist.

—————————————— WARNING  Viewers who believe that a coup d’etat occasions saturation TV news coverage of pretend Vikings stealing office furniture from government buildings are urged to turn around and follow the signs labeled “KIDDIE POOL” until you are safely out of viewing distance, because presently you are at risk of traversing water that is WAY over your head. Management must warn you that the onslaught of facts, legal analysis and logic otherwise facing you has been clinically proven to violently terminate Happy Time inside brain matter that’s been scrubbed down to the stem by years of TV watching. So run along now, go back to sleep in front of your television and await further instructions. Thank you. ——————————————

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