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Attack on the Brain: Neurowars and Neurowarfare

September 9, 2022  |  Neuroweapons  |  SPACE & DEFENSE  |

Did America get hacked?

Radical changes in our society including dramatic shifts in attitudes and behaviors, unsound decision making by leaders, and media-induced confusion, may well be the desired outcomes of unrestricted warfare, through the use of neuroweapons.

The 2016 SPACE & DEFENSE article below by Armin Krishnan describes how the human brain is the ultimate target of neurowarfare, where enemies take control of entire societies and their leadership, by altering behavior and changing attitudes using sophisticated neuroweapons.

The article states, “offensive neurowarfare could also mean collapsing adversarial states by creating conditions of lawlessness, insurrection and revolution, for example, by inducing fear, confusion, or anger. Adversarial states could be destabilized using advanced techniques of subversion, sabotage, environmental modification, and ‘gray’ terrorism, followed by a direct military attack. As a result, the adversarial state would not have the capacity to resist the policies of a covert aggressor. Neurowarfare could take down a strategic competitor permanently without nuclear war and the risk of devastating nuclear retaliation.”

De facto weaponry concealed within the ‘smart’ / electrical grid (4G-5G-6G+satellites+smart meters) provides our enemies with the ability to target our entire population 24/7, with potential neuroweapons.

Winning this war requires spiritual strength, overcoming engineered divisions, and regaining local control to reign in the wireless (‘smart’) electrical grid, through necessary public oversight and strict safety regulations.



Attack on the Brain: Neurowars and Neurowarfare

by Armin Krishnan


“While such methods of war seem intuitively objectionable from an ethical point of view, they increasingly represent the current reality of ‘hybrid warfare’, ‘political warfare’, and other forms of societal destabilization that are being employed with great effectiveness by several major nations. There is currently no legal protection against mind manipulation, although one can argue that covert mental coercion would violate human dignity and by extension human rights.”



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