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Biden Requesting $13.7 Billion More in Aid to Ukraine

Zero more dollars should be spent on Ukraine, NATO, or the UN. 


Once again, Joe Biden is proposing to steal more money from Americans to finance his Ukraine quagmire. Of course we’d like to help others whenever we can, but bankrupting our economy to save Ukraine is a losing policy AND unconstitutional.

Reprioritizing spending to focus on improving the lives of all Americans is a reasonable approach to addressing present challenges, no matter where one stands on the political spectrum. -JD



Biden Requesting $13.7 Billion More in Aid to Ukraine

September 3, 2022 | By Rajan Laad | American Thinker 

Just yesterday, Breitbart reported that Biden is asking Congress for $13.7 billion in aid for Ukraine.

The $13.7 billion is purportedly for equipment, intelligence support, and direct budgetary support for Ukraine.

The request is part of a $47.1 billion ‘emergency spending’ package Biden is proposing for relief efforts following recent natural disasters in Kentucky and other states and in response to COVID-19 and monkeypox outbreaks.

Since the beginning of the conflict, Biden has sent more than $13.5 billion in “security assistance” to Ukraine.

Recently on 24 August, which is Ukraine’s Independence Day, Biden announced $3 billion aid package to Ukraine.

Back in May, $40 billion of taxpayer money was approved in aid to Ukraine.

Zelensky’s address to Congress Mar 16, 2022 YouTube screengrab  CC BY 3.0license

The following is a reminder of the details of the $40 billion.

More than $4 billion was dedicated to ‘international disaster assistance’ in Ukraine.

Almost $15 billion was dedicated to defense operations and maintenance – including $6 billion for the Ukraine Security Assistance and $8.7 billion to replenish stocks of U.S. equipment already sent to Ukraine.

Hundreds of millions of dollars were dedicated to the procurement of missiles, weapons, tracked combat vehicles, ammunition, and aircraft.

Close to $3.9 billion was dedicated to the maintenance of U.S. forces deployed to Europe.

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