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Climate of Corruption: Podesta Returns To The White House

Climate of Corruption: Podesta Returns To The White House

September 2, 2022 |  The White House  |  Open Secrets

Today Joe Biden announced that John Podesta, who served in the Clinton and Obama Administrations, “will oversee implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act’s expansive clean energy and climate provisions and will chair the President’s National Climate Task Force”.


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Many will recall multiple scandals and controversy surrounding John Podesta and his brother Tony. Their lobbying firm, Podesta Group, has included clients such as Bechtel Group, British Petroleum ( BP ), Berkshire Hathaway, ChemChina, T-Mobile USA, General Electric, Oracle Corp, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, NPR, Raytheon, Bank of America, and a host of other well known groups.

John Podesta, former Trilateral Commission member, also founded Soros-funded think tank, the Center for American Progress ( CAP ). According to American Policy Roundtable, “CAP is a $50 million dollar D.C. policy/lobbying network funded by George Soros, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer and a host of American elite corporations, foundations and international interests.”

Biden’s appointment of Podesta illustrates increasing corruption in Washington, D.C., and the need for the American People to close the revolving door on corporate lobbyists. -JD


The war-gaming of the 2020 election featuring John Podesta

The crown jewel of the simulation /exercise was The Transition Integrity Project (TIP) Exercise featuring former top aide to President Barack Obama and President Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, John Podesta of “pizzagate” fame, playing the roll of Joe Biden.









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