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Pandemic Amnesty? No.

Photo Image | November 2, 2022 | Pandemic Amnesty? No.

As the truth comes to light and the full weight of responsibility begins to fall back onto the organizers and promoters of the CV panic, some are calling for “amnesty.”

No thanks.

Forced masking, social distancing, mandated experimental mRNA injections, lockdowns, and school closings, were never necessary. Some knew “the science” and unconstitutional policies were flawed and were ridiculed and abused for questioning the false narrative.

The damage is done. Those who coordinated and mandated CV policies must be held accountable for their actions. -JD



November 1, 2022 |  By  |  Link To Video

Some of the COVID crazies are panicking – they want out, but they can’t seem to take any responsibility. I cover an article in the Atlantic, where the author proposes “Pandemic Amnesty.”

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Atlantic Article by Emily Oster:

Denis Rancourt’s Mask Study:





November 2, 2022 |  By David Knight |

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November 2, 2022 |  By The Maine Wire  |  Link To Source HERE


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