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Congress Acts To Defund Americans

December 21, 2022 |  Congress Acts to Defund Americans  | Photo image youtube screenshot: source

Today DC politicians on both sides of the aisle decided to blow $1.7 TRILLION on Zelensky’s endless quagmire and other reckless spending while Americans are struggling and our border is not secure.

We are in an uphill battle, friends. Focussing efforts at the state level is a path toward reclaiming freedom and sovereignty while protecting our families and strengthening local communities. -JD



December 21, 2022 |  By Jordan Schachtel  |  The Dossier



One such example happened on Tuesday, when Mitch McConnell declared that Ukraine (yes, Ukraine) is the highest priority item for Republicans in America today.



It’s truly incredible gaslighting in the face of survey data that shows Americans outside of Washington, D.C. don’t give a damn about the war between Ukraine and Russia. Mitch doesn’t care about that. He cares about Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed, and the gang.



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