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Another $2.5 BILLION down the drain to Ukraine

January 19, 2023 | Another $2.5 BILLION down the drain to Ukraine | Image Source

According to a statement by the Department of State, total U.S. military funding for Ukraine is now approximately $27.5 BILLION since Joe Biden took office.

Americans do not support Washington’s endless war and cannot afford to continue financing NATO and Zelinsky’s unwinnable quagmire.

What’s called for is an immediate cease-fire, de-escalation, and starting peace talks to bring an end to the conflict. -JD





Former U.S. Marine: Ukraine cannot win this war. It’s a ‘fantasy’.





Washington’s War in Ukraine Lacks Public Support – JDfor2024



Money down the drain to Ukraine

December 27, 2022 | Col. Douglas MacGregor and Clayton Morris discuss recent developments in the war in Ukraine.

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Lindsey Graham_August 2022:

“I like the structural path we’re on here. As long as we help Ukraine with the weapons they need and economic support, they will fight till the last person.”

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Lindsay Graham 1-202-224-5972     STOP funding Ukraine’s war NOW.    Call  Representatives | Senators





Lindsey Graham, John McCain visiting AZOV (NAZI) Battalion & Ukrainian troops in Dec of 2016.


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