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Detox: The Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) Rescue of Ohio

February 20, 2023 | Detox: The Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) Rescue of Ohio | According to standard safety protocol, in an accident involving the hazardous release of vinyl chloride, the last thing you would ever want to do is intentionally set the toxic substance on fire. Yet this is exactly what was authorized by Governor DeWine and the EPA in East Palestine, Ohio, causing one of the worst environmental disasters in history.

Sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, has been used for decades to treat numerous ailments and chronic conditions as well as to clean contaminated soils.  Dr. Mark Sircus has provided information regarding baking soda as a potential way to begin detoxing from the Ohio disaster.



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Was this an accident? Some do not think so. One site reported that the CDC edited the toxicology profile for vinyl chloride, massively increasing the lethal exposure level and removing information about how the chemical affects children, just two weeks before the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio that spewed vast quantities of the chemical into the environment. Do you believe in coincidences or in synchronicity?

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The CDC update changed the lethal exposure from 100PPM to 100,000PPM. The lethal exposure level had remained the same for 17 years before the CDC decided to update the number just prior to the derailment, where highly toxic chemicals spilled or were burned off, leaving a chemical stench in the air nearly two weeks later. Hint, if you can smell it run for the hills! That said, I was not able to confirm the assertion of the change in lethal exposure levels at the CDC.

The key to avoiding long-term harm is to help the body
deal with the chemical assault at the very moment
one notices foul smell, foul taste, or flu-like symptoms.

Yet it does seem the CDC is minimizing the effects of the chemicals involved in the crash, one of them being vinyl chloride, a gas used to produce a plastic known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). According to the National Cancer Institute, vinyl chloride is a carcinogen that has links to different kinds of cancers, including liver, brain, and lung cancers, as well as lymphoma and leukemia.

However, if this report is true the question must be asked, did the CDC know in advance meaning was this a preplanned disaster? Some people would reflexively think so because there is so much malicious destruction going on in America and other places around the world.

There is evidence suggesting that dioxins are associated
with increased chances of endometriosis.[ii]

Sodium Bicarbonate

Bicarbonate of Soda (aka sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3, baking soda) is a simple low-cost substance that is a useful remedy for a variety of ailments and chronic diseases. Discovered in 1840, baking soda (not to be confused with baking powder) is a proven treatment for flus and colds, and recently this amazing substance has been in the “spotlight” as some doctors use it to treat cancer patients.

Sodium bicarbonate is added to contaminated soils, sediments, or sludge matrices containing hazardous chlorinated organics including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) and polychlorinated dioxins and furans.

So useful and strong is sodium bicarbonate that at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, researcher Don York has used baking soda to clean soil contaminated with uranium. Sodium bicarbonate binds with uranium, separating it from the dirt. York was able to remove as much as 92 percent of the uranium from contaminated soil samples.

Military manuals suggest doses or infusions of sodium bicarbonate to help alkalinize the urine if uranium contaminates the kidneys. This makes the uranyl ion less kidney-toxic and promotes the excretion of the nontoxic uranium-carbonate complex. The oral administration of sodium bicarbonate diminishes the severity of the changes produced by uranium in the kidneys.[iii]

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) lives up to the image on the Arm & Hammer’s box; it is the ultimate heavyweight workhorse medicine that every healthcare professional and parent should use to diminish toxic poisoning from the Ohio disaster.

Sodium bicarbonate can safely remove paint, grease, oil, and smoke residue, decreasing workers’ exposure to harsh chemicals and eliminating much of the hazardous waste associated with other cleaners. “Sodium bicarbonate is able to clean in areas where other substances pose fire hazards because baking soda is a natural fire extinguisher,” says Kenneth Colbert, a general manager for Arm & Hammer. This is the reason it’s used by oncology centers to control chemo agent spills, and it’s used intravenously to protect patients from the hazardous toxicity of chemotherapy.

Sodium bicarbonate is effective in treating poisonings or overdoses from many chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs by negating their cardiotoxic and neurotoxic effects.

Bicarbonate deficiencies spell big trouble for human physiology when the vascular system begins to deteriorate as less oxygen is delivered to the cells. Bicarbonate deficiency is synonymous with carbon dioxide deficiencies, which occur in everyone who does not exercise and breaths too fast like most people do these days. Bicarbonate is the wonderful medicine it is because it turns into carbon dioxide in the stomach, which drives bicarbonates into the blood.

In 1925 the Arm & Hammer Company published a book A Friend in Need, which said that “In the last few years Bicarbonate Soda has been coming into its own and today it occupies a prominent place in every Physician’s Armamentarium. It will not put the doctors out of business, but it will provide the means of helping thousands to prevent, and get relief from, certain ills by this harmless but helpful remedy.”

One can nebulize bicarbonate with glutathione because together they will help the body through the trauma of chemical exposure.


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