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Is the balloon story BS?

February 6, 2023 | Is the balloon story BS? | Clearly the balloon story is not adding up. | Image source

The balloon could actually belong to the U.S.  The narrative was a distraction and China called our bluff.


Like every other story invented by the mainstream media and US government, one must be skeptical of the claims and examine the facts.

Recently our attention was directed to the stratosphere in order to witness an alleged Chinese spy balloon.

For reference of a timeline of events starting on January 28th please see link below:

READ: Timeline: Where the Chinese surveillance balloon was spotted before being shot down – ABC7 New York 

In the article above, consider the travel times between locations and the certainty with which the announcement was made that the balloon was headed to North Carolina.



Initially China claimed the balloon did not belong to them.

READ: Fabricated balloon lie cannot be tied down to China

Research balloons have been aloft for decades and are not particularly unusual since they are used for surveillance and weather research.

READ: Pentagon testing mass surveillance balloons across the US _ US military _ The Guardian August 2019

Many people were drawn into the narrative of the Chinese spy balloon and took to the internet to research the situation for themselves.

Notably, two news outlets strayed from the prevailing theme of impending doom. Both stories assert it was not a Chinese spy balloon and both never mentioned any other balloon. Also, notice the photo.

#1  Thousands Mistook a US Research Tool for the Chinese Spy Balloon (

Link To Full Article HERE


Link To Full Article HERE


Despite these two articles, the story of the Chinese spy balloon was gaining traction. Online sentiment was getting heated, triggering Congress members to call for military action. After consulting with the DOD Joe Biden decided to allow the balloon to continue to collect valuable data on its way to the Atlantic Ocean.

Naturally, at this point Donald Trump publicly remarked that he would have shot the balloon down days ago. This comment unleashed a veritable tsunami of fact checkers who discovered that there may have been high altitude balloons flying around during Trump’s watch.  To which, Trump dismissed as fake news.

Thereby perpetuating more online drama and endless balloon theories. Was it a trojan horse?

China eventually changed their story and claimed that it was, in fact, their weather research balloon that had strayed thousands of miles off course.

Anyhow, instead of escorting the balloon to a safe location to examine the payload and collect data and intelligence, the US military waited until the thing traversed the entire nation and then scrambled a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor jet fighter to shoot down the balloon with Raytheon’s Sidewinder missile.

READ China Accuses US of ‘Overreacting’ When Shooting Down Balloon

It appears that the balloon really was a standard high-altitude research tool from the United States traversing the entire nation collecting valuable data, and the U.S. shot down its own balloon.

China, taking advantage of the public deception, changes its story, claims the balloon is theirs and now wants the remnants which of course includes valuable data.

READ Spy row balloon is ours and doesn’t belong to America, says China | South China Morning Post (

What is really going on here?

There are 193 nations participating in UN WMO (World Meteorological Organization) weather programs that are well aware that weather balloons, satellites and research tools are floating in and around their borders constantly.

Could the balloon incident have been a deliberate distraction from something else?

Yes.  Definitely.

From Sun Tsu’s Art of War: “all war is based on deception,” to Israeli Mossad: “by way of deception, thou shalt do war,” which has recently been updated to “without deception, a nation fails”.

Major nations and empires throughout history have incorporated elaborate schemes to obfuscate or simply hide their activities as per the Freemason motto: ‘Ordo ab Chao’.



With an overarching perspective of world events normally outside of our scope in the US, the meeting on February 4, 2023 between alliances moving away from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, or SWIFT, may have prompted covert retaliation.




The balloon situation is a perfectly ironic distraction during a deployment of weather weaponry. Could this massive 7.8 earthquake on February 6 be related to the February 4th meeting shown above?


READ [PDF] Super Weapons (Energy Weapons) for Inducing Earthquakes, Landslides, Sinkholes, Snow Avalanche, and Erupting Volcanoes | Semantic Scholar


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The US military has known about the capabilities of geophysical warfare techniques for a long time.


READ Top Secret meeting held on March 20, 1974; made public on May 1974

Link To Document


Pell Believes U.S. Uses Rain‐Making To Flood Vietnam – The New York Times 1972 

Senator Pell  Top Secret Hearing To Prohibit Weather Modification 1974



READ  HAARP to begin largest set of experiments at its new observatory | Geophysical Institute (


READ How to Wreck the Environment_1968

Chapter from ‘Unless Peace Comes’, by Gordon J. F. MacDonald, U.S.A.




• 193 member nations participate in the UN WMO.

• China and the United States are both members.

• Unnecessary debate about a rogue weather balloon held the public’s attention.

• Russia, Iran, Turkey, and Syria bypass the SWIFT system.

• US sees this as a threatening alliance as the global economy hangs in the balance.

• Massive earthquake activity in Turkey and Syria.

• China wants the balloon.

• Humanitarian crisis in Turkey and Syria with death toll at 20,000.

The whole balloon fiasco was the left hand while the hidden hand on the right was doing something else.





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