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Decontaminating The Blood From Synthetic Biology Hydrogel With EDTA Chelation

April 4, 2023 | Image source | has been successfully treating patients to clear Hydrogel / Graphene structures in the blood. She advocates for EDTA Chelation Therapy to address chronic problems and significantly improve symptoms.

“I wonder what would happen to the health of the population if you keep their blood clear from these structures. I wonder how many “died suddenly” cases we could reduce if you clear out self assembly hydrogel which causes the production of these rubbery clots in the body. This vision does not seem hard to me to achieve, if people would only acknowledge the presence of hydrogel synthetic biology and artificial intelligence nanotechnology with Carbon Nanotubes aka Graphene.”

Dr. Mihalcea uses Darkfield Live Blood microscopy as a tool to garner information to evaluate for the presence of abnormal structures, which she says she has found in everyone.



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